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Psychic Narnia x7735 stars Chat Reading

Narnia Is great she does not sugar coat and tells the truth and she wont waiver from what she has said before. She told me before things would get better for myself and my POI in February and it is still supposed to happen that way. She is so sweet and a beautiful person inside. Makes me happy I was able to connect with her twice. I believe what she has said will happen. Thank You Narnia. Oh by the way Narnia I work with somone that looks just like you only has dark brown hair. So if you ever decide to change your hair color that would look great on you as well. Just a lil FYI for you:)


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Anja is completly AMAZING!!! She said things last time we chatted that I thought there is no way that would happen but it is already starting to unfold that way. I cant believe it she said my POI and I will work together this coming spring. I never though possible. But he is getting ready to quit working for a company that he has worked at for 24 years. I didn't think I would quit the job I love, but now I need more money. So I am looking into a job where there is more money. He wanted to go to a different company. However many people are telling him to go to another that treats their employees better. So now we are both looking at working for the same company. We are just waiting for Job openings. This is so crazy I am still in shock because of it. This Woman is HANDS DOWN THE BEST ON THIS SITE!!!. It explains why her wait is so long. I usually get lucky and get her in chat. So I don't have to wait to long. I just think that I am meant to talk with her when we connect since she is so busy. Anja you are a God Send to me I truely BELIEVE this. She also gives so many more details than anyone else. You ask her a question and she is off. She has told me other things about myself and my POI and I am still waiting for it to unfold. I know it will though because I do believe what she predicts will happen. Thank You Anja, I Love You and GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL HEART.


Psychic Danielle x7913 stars Chat Reading

Danielle was so amazing made me cry happy tears. She is so sweet and says the nicest things. I just love her. I am giving her 4 stars until predictions unfold then I will be back with an even better review. Thank You again Danielle. you are an earth angel:)


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Psychic Agnes x7908 stars Chat Reading

I just had what seemed like a very good reading with Agnes. I think we both misunderstood each other and were disconnected. I got back on with her and told her sorry and that I wasn't meaning to upset her. I just let her know that the reading she gave me sounded good and was what I wanted to hear. I think she misunderstood and thought I told her that she was just telling me it was what I wanted to hear. She said she is not like that and tells it like it is. I just wanted to let you know Agnes I was happy with all you said and no I don't need a second opinion you did great I feel. Thank you so much. 4 stars is just because I am waiting for all to come to pass. Thank You again Agnes.


Psychic Julie x8015 stars Chat Reading

I love Julie I have had 2 great readings with her and some stuff she said a few months ago is actully starting to happen now. She just told me some other great stuff is going to happen so I am waiting for it to unfold as well. This lady knows her stuff give her a try I know I will be contacting her again. Thank you Julie and Bless you!


Psychic Scarlett x3112 stars Chat Reading

First she said she sees a relationship with us. Then when I told her he ghosts me. Then she changed it and said that there may be a chance and there will be someone else in my life in the fall. She said I will hear from him before new years eve but no relationship now and there will be someone else in my life. She told me it is rude that he does that and said I may not hear from him for awhile. Then during the reading out of the blue he messaged me and I told her that and she told me not to just to conclusions and things may not be as bad as I think. So it was a very confusing reading and at first I think she was going to tell me what i wanted to hear. until I told her he ghosts me then totally changed the reading. So there is a few things she said that I will wait to see if they happen next fall. However there was some things she told me to do that I know won't happen. I just feel there was no connection. She did seem like a very nice lady though.


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Love my reading with you it is so much info and I love that. I am still waiting for timelines to pass, so still 4 stars until everything comes to pass. However you are awesome and God Bless You. Sorry I couldn't say thank you before time ran out and I dont have the money to add.


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Wow it was meant to be that I had a chat with Anja today. I have checked her out and read her reviews a few times. However I never thought I would ever get a hold of her. Well today I got done talking with an advisor and Anja just happened to be online and available. So I thought I would see if I could get her. Well I got her and didn't have to wait at all I couldn't believe it. She is Phenomenal! I have never gotten that much info out of any advisior. I cant believe she gave me all that in chat. I am going to wait and see in it all comes to pass. no matter what I give her 5 stars about all the info she gave me. She was so awesome and red both myself and POI so well. I have faith all will come to pass. I believe she is for sure one of the best on this site. I will update if timeframe comes to pass. Thank you Anja you are a true blessing a God send. I believe it was meant to be that I was able to get ahold of you so easy tonight. Thank you Thank You Thank You!!! Give her a chance she is well worth it and you can tell she is worth it check out her long line. Maybe you will get lucky too and not have to wait in line;)


Psychic Anita x3249 stars Chat Reading

She was great I love her and I am just waiting for the time frame and I will up to 5 stars if all comes to pass. Thank You so much Anita you are a God send. Sorry we got cut off you really helped me feel better. Thank you.


Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

She was great just waiting to see if timeframes come to pass. If they do I will up to 5 stars. Thank you you are great I will be back.