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Psychic Aphrodite x3549 stars Phone Reading

Good reading, it was more of a tarot reading vs a read without tools utilizing the "clairs" which i had expected but was fairly accurate. I will see if contact prediction unfolds.


Psychic Cortney x3546 stars Phone Reading

Amazing ability picked up a lot in a small amount of time. i'm going back again for sure.


Psychic Hyacinth x3542 stars Phone Reading

Great reader, taps in really well and with my twin journey she's a fab person to have insight from. she was accurate with the dynamic and i will return to validate soon and for more insight.


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Psychic Cielo x3534 stars Phone Reading

I liked her, it was a quick short term question that I will hope to validate soon. when funds allow I would definitely call back for a more in depth reading.


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Psychic Nicholas x3532 stars Phone Reading

Seems to be accurate time will tell! I felt like he doesn't answer your question immediately and takes a detour. You'll need some time as some things don't resonate immediately until you talk further. ultimately i can't validate yet what was read but based on his timeframe i'll know more shortly and will return at that time.


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Psychic Valencia x3521 stars Phone Reading

She's really great and i feel accurate ! i'll be able to validate that soon. i feel like everything she picks up from him is so on point to his personality that i trust what she sees. i did get what i believe was a reach out in the the timeframe she said i just missed the call. i will be able to validate that when the next timeframe passes for communication. i just feel she will be correct. she's talented, honest and kind at the same time.. i really like her and will keep coming back for insight as money allows! ty!!


Psychic Jayda x3512 stars Phone Reading

I thought she was very good, accurate and kind. she picked up quite a bit of accurate things about the situation and person. i will see how things unfold and return :)


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Psychic Valencia x3521 stars Phone Reading

I thought she was really accurate with what she described. she even picked up a name associated with my person of interest. I felt that by my asking direct questions and stating exactly what i was seeking to know she honed in easier and i got clear answers. She's talented and i will return i enjoyed her .


Psychic Ashlyn x3456 stars Phone Reading

It started out confusing but i was drawn to call back because i thought she was accurate and i liked her even though at first i was confused. She clarified things and i will see how the prediction unfolds. I'd def call back for more guidance once things transpire.


Psychic Beverly x3484 stars Phone Reading

Good - ty i'll see if prediction manifests. I found her to be more of a straightforward reader vs compassionate just something to take note of.