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Psychic Avery x3538 stars Phone Reading

I followed up with Avery after a few months to be sure things are still on track. She provided a lot of details regarding the slow progress. when he comes back in i'll be sure to validate! She's really detailed, quick and doesn't disappoint with clear insight when asked. ty Avery!


Psychic Desiree x3605 stars Phone Reading

i really love the quick answers she gives; they surely do feel accurate. I can't say for sure yet until things move in the direction shown. There isn't much she can't answer, rarely does she say "i think" or blame things on the usual -"the planets"! She gives concrete answers as she sees it. I can't wait to validate all i can soon.


Psychic Ava x3622 stars Phone Reading

so kind.. but did not answer my question instead my time was spent on advise that did not fit the situation. i was left very confused. maybe just no connection


Psychic June x3606 stars Phone Reading

Very good picked up accurate dynamics of the ppl and situation. Timing was very broad which i was hoping for more in that area but that said all other info was accurate. !


Psychic Zetta x3611 stars Phone Reading

she's amazing..,second read was better than the first and that was good! i was floored by the additional information she picked up this time and i really can't wait until it all unfolds. she made me feel 100x's lighter i will return !


Psychic Winston x3618 stars Phone Reading

it took a bit to figure out what he was getting, it seemed not accurate at first. i didn't get a ton of details even when asked it was more vague surface level answers that ended up being accurate but i had to explain things in order to validate what he was getting. i'm very detail oriented so maybe i need to spend more time it was relatively short.


Psychic Desiree x3605 stars Phone Reading

can't validate anything yet until poi comes back in but she sure is able to read on the future without any problem. I will be back to validate; i have no doubt she will be correct as her assessments of the ppl are 100 accurate..


Psychic Magdalene x3582 stars Phone Reading

i continue to return just to stay on track. she maintains things are still on course- despite the free will at play. Magdalene is honest i trust she is leading the right path.


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Psychic Desiree x3605 stars Phone Reading

Desiree is amazing the best read i've had on this site or any for that matter. I came back 2x's for more questions. She was 100% accurate on all assessments of the ppl and situation. It was uncanny her accuracy from just names it was like she knew them. Her answers are quick and wastes none of your time she's the most kind soul ! I will remain a loyal client i can't wait until things unfold so i can validate her gifts. Really really talented !


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Phone Reading

only time will tell, I won't know if accurate until poi comes back in. very kind!