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Psychic Avery x3538 stars Phone Reading

contact did come within her timeframe i was hoping it was shorter but it was as she saw. This is the second contact she predicted. waiting on the bigger predictions, positive outcome so i sit on faith..great reader


Psychic Magdalene x3582 stars Phone Reading

i wanted to come back and say that Magdalene correctly got contact timing right and the shift she felt happening around the 23rd was correct.. ty and i'll be back to get more insight now that the energy may be more open. Great job !


Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

Ace you were saying 2 to 3 for a while and it was 23rd! Ace has accurately gotten timeframes before they are just puzzles :) but they end up happening and when you look back the numbers make sense. she is blessed with foresight and as another testimony said; things happen it's about divine timing but if she's not wavering it will unfold! i have followed her as well and seen the testimonials of clients who've seen things happen in divine timing. i can't wait as i know it will be a done deal!


Psychic Magdalene x3582 stars Phone Reading

i have spoken to Magdalene a few times and enjoy each reading more than the one before. Something about her just resonates and you know she is truly imparting divine truth. I will be back to validate what she sees soon, but her continued guidance has immensely helped me when i feel off course and need encouragement from above that yes indeed you are on the right path hang in there! She relays true guidance you just know it; hence why i return :)


Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

Ace stands by what she sees and she's been accurate with timeline contact before as well as right about things she says without knowing that she's accurate! She brought up something this reading about "spying" little did she know that i had that very thing come to my attention in an obscure way on my social media within the 24hr time period prior to the reading! I totally trust her !! talk soon Ace; contact should be soon!!


Psychic Magdalene x3582 stars Phone Reading

This was my second reading with her and was even better than the first. She gets details that you need to hear not mundane every day stuff, things that resonate deep within. She was very accurate in describing the dynamic of the ppl involved as well as with the person i called about without anything but a name. She validated the true life partner /twin soul connection i knew to be the case. I will return again as things unfold she has a true gift.


Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

Though one of the predictions didn't pan out regarding a new love interest i do trust in the other returning.


Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

I really trust her, Stands by what she sees and has a true gift. I don't trust many readers but she has proven right on contact timelines more than once. Waiting on the bigger picture predictions which i hope to validate sooner rather than later!! lol She channels very accurate details from her guide that i HAVE been able to validate so i trust her. Always there to support when the going gets rough.


Psychic Arabella x3586 stars Phone Reading

so kind!! lovely soul! I thought it would be more of an intuitive read versus a card reading so my call was shorter than expected. if you love tarot reads def call her she's your girl.


Psychic Delaney x3573 stars Phone Reading

i called Delaney today again as i was that impressed with her ability to read these ppl so accurately! She is excellent, very honest and realistic. i trust her gifts and guidance for the future will be accurate. Please do try her you won't be let down.