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Psychic Carmen x3650 stars Phone Reading

i'm rarely ever on this site nor do i leave reviews, but i was drawn to her profile for an akashic records reading. Excellent excellent read.. you must try at least once!


Psychic Epiphany x4841 stars Phone Reading

strong intuition, picked up one very current accurate detail. 4 stars only because we weren't a good energy match for one another. But that happens, it's got nothing at all to do with her skills, give her a try.


Psychic Olive x4742 stars Phone Reading

i don't read on here often nor leave reviews. That said, i tried this new reader and found her to be a very accurate no tools reader. Very good details with little info given. I will see how things unfold before i rate future, but if you want in-tuned accurate current info direct form source, do try her!


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Psychic Lydia x4702 stars Phone Reading

omg! i used to read with her before on another line ! i'm so glad i saw her here! Let me say for all of you, when lydia says something is solid and will happen it does! It may take some time but i can attest that to be true.


Psychic Clara x4709 stars Phone Reading

Accurate, took a min before i felt like she was connecting to the right energy but then it flowed nicely. she validated things; the details lined up with my own intuition as well as my own private advisors. Timelines were a bit vague but that's ok they are fluid. Good job i would return


Psychic Dakotah x4704 stars Phone Reading

what a lovely soul! She was accurate at expressing his souls nature. unfortunately i was seeking a different type of reading, a little more specifics to the situation that allowed me to feel like she was connecting to it. if you are seeking a more esoteric reading on soul energy shes your gal. i like specifics and details so perhaps not a fit for me but i'm sure great for another, blessings


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Psychic Raelynn x4701 stars Phone Reading

she was good, nothing blew me away details wise. overall energy was accurate but again the details were vague. i will see in time if what she brought through was accurate when things start to progress i'll know more.


Psychic Theo x4673 stars Phone Reading

I love theo, he's a great guy ! unfortunately other than the first couple of reads he hasn't been able to connect to my POI, it just seems he struggles to read him and/or the situation. i will come back again in the future for guidance on another matter.


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Psychic Sasa x4687 stars Phone Reading

lovely lady!! i felt it was more advise though than psychic intuitiveness. maybe just not a connection. it does happen! i wish much success


Psychic Theo x4673 stars Phone Reading

i've read quite a few times with theo. he discloses accurate details that i can validate from knowing the people involved and their traits. some things don't come through as easily as others and he has to dig but the message does come forward because he's diligent with getting answers even if he has to find a back door way of getting it. I look forward to what he sees. i enjoy his readings