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Psychic Dove x9988 stars Phone Reading

Ver calm spirit. Dove is accurate and I was able to resonate with everything she said. I will definitely be calling. Thank you Dove and I’m sorry I ran out of funds.


Psychic Claudette x3136 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Claudette. You were very easy going and gave me comfort. I will be in touch and thank you for confirming what I was feeling regarding my last situation. Looking ahead with excitement!


Psychic Craig x9485 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Craig! Our time ran out however everything you said resonated with me. Our first contact was via chat and I’m glad I was able to put a voice to our communication tonight. I will be in touch soon. Blessed and humble delivery what you shared clarified a lot for me.


Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

Such a kind and sweet spirit! Spoke with her a week ago she said I would get an approval and that she felt me worried about money. I got it today and no extra monies needed. Can’t wait for the remaining concerns to play out. I will be calling Ace again. Thank you and I’m sorry funds ran out. Yes I feel great energy and she said it tonight as well without knowing my thoughts. Talk soon.


Psychic Coffee x7247 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Coffee! The approval went seamless no questions asked. Like you said they may say “just give it to her”. You said it fits me and my mom said the very same words. Looking forward to your remaining feedback (sounds delightful)!


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Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Holly is able to quickly pick up on my POI and share insight that resonates with me. She advised I would be getting a call on a Friday before 8. Well 7:45 that call came in. Things are still estranged but we will see where it goes from here.


Psychic Aphrodite x3549 stars Phone Reading

Good communication. First call pointed out the missing piece I didn’t know. Second time some info a little different then original however I feel she was clear on what she saw st the time. Very compassionate!