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Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

Nailed the poi and she gave me some excellent advice . I had talked to her before in chat and her prediction was still the same. I'm looking forward to the outcome. Thank you Sapphire


Psychic Nirvana x3405 stars Phone Reading

We had a wonderful 1st time chat ,she knew things about my POI and I pasts together and our future. She told me July wasn't going to be a good month for us and today July 24th and I can say she was right! She also gave me some very good advice which I'm trying to follow . I look forward to reading with her again.


Psychic Lois x3137 stars Phone Reading

Didn't connect well.


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Psychic Dyanne Marie x8876 stars Phone Reading

People give DM a try! I promise she's worth it. Ran out of money and had to call her right bk, she's never been wrong yet , you definitely want to read with her!


Psychic Dyanne Marie x8876 stars Phone Reading

I love you DM! Not only are you so accurate ,but you make me feel like I'm chatting with a close very friend. You've saved me alot of troubles and heartache and given me hope when I didn't have any. You're amazing!!! And you deserve at least a 100 stars. Love Jess


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Said I was having a boy I got my genetic tests results back and he was Right! He reads my point too well and doesn't sugar coat nothing lol


Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

Didn't really predict anything for me just told me about the current situation with my poi and he was good at describing him.


Psychic Vlad x3162 stars Phone Reading

Man can he quickly asses someone's personality and ways lightening fast. Extremely well at time frames. Ty Vlad


Psychic Dyanne Marie x8876 stars Phone Reading

Said she saw another pregnancy and as of today 04/30/19 I'm a month pregnant just wanted to come back and share how on point and accurate DM is!


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Psychic Dyanne Marie x8876 stars Phone Reading

I love DM, but the way my day is I can't always reach her cause of her schedule. That being said she has been extremely accurate with all her predictions and their are a few that havent came to pass because they are months away. I trust this woman and I can talk to her with ease she also remembers me and my situation well which is also very comforting. Thanks DM, for being my advisor & Friend!