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Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Phone Reading

Angelica is fast and straight to the point. Angelica doesn’t sugar coat, she tells you what she sees. Great Advisor and will be reading again with her in the near future. Thanks Again


Psychic Gaia x3559 stars Phone Reading

Gaia was great. She tuned in to my Poi and gave Me Sound Advice. I would definitely read with Gaia Again.


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

Christopher keeps you in tune with a refreshing, Accurate and Honest reading style. Would definitely follow up in the near future.


Psychic Cerberus x8339 stars Phone Reading

Very Detailed and Informative. He focused in on My situation clearly. Great Reading


Psychic Dana x3630 stars Phone Reading

Dana has a great way of reading by explaining her vision in a clear and precise manner. No SugarCoat.... She’s new, but her high intellect shows that she’s ready.


Psychic Katherine x3311 stars Phone Reading

Katherine was easy to talk to and was able to make an accurate reading without prompts. She is calm and makes you feel comfortable. Great Reading Thanks Again


Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Phone Reading

Angelica is Great. She’s fast, Accurate and Straight to point. Great Reading


Psychic Radha x3490 stars Phone Reading

Radha....I’m so sorry that We ran out of time, but I get it. You’re message was Great and I sure appreciate the way you explained everything. I’ll be taking your advice each day. Great Reading


Psychic Charity x9310 stars Phone Reading

Charity is very kind and Understanding. Great Reading


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

Leota is Fantastic. She’s straight forward and doesn’t Sugarcoat what She sees.