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Psychic Sasha x9183 stars Phone Reading

Sasha! I love talking to you. You are my most favorite advisor and that’s a lot, since I’ve talked to many advisors on this site (and I am a big fan of quite a few). I trust your readings and I enjoy how funny you are! But mostly, I appreciate your clarity and depth of insight! Best wishes to you.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Love Declan! He’s like a big brother with special insightful abilities. Awesome psychic and empathic abilities, heart and real advice. Thank you Declan!


Psychic Michael x4927 stars Phone Reading

He is fast but I felt like I didn’t get much out of the reading.


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

This reading was ok. Not much info given and time just seemed to be used less efficiently than would have been on the phone. This is why I don’t prefer chat


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Psychic Nina x3558 stars Phone Reading

Enjoyed my reading. Only four stars as I wait on timelines. She’s accurate with information but her timelines seem to never manifest. If they do, I’ll give five stars


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Psychic Therese x7215 stars Phone Reading

I am totally satisfied! I should have spoken to her long ago. Therese said things that others have told me as well but she also answered questions I had without me asking, told the whole story without me providing any info & gave me understanding to questions I’ve been asking for a long time. It is no wonder she is the most demanded psychic on here. Her clarity is nothing short of a miracle. She is absolutely amazing!


Psychic Wanda x4867 stars Phone Reading

I left a harsh review last time but I’ve talked to Wanda since and I can tell she must have read it. Wanda is my favorite reader on this site. She is like a bucket that has the ability to get deep into the well of someone’s emotions and thoughts. It will take a moment for her to work through it but she will, given time. She’s also fairly good with predictions though not every timeframe she’s given pans out (free will is a thing!) She is so good and just so thoughtful in her delivery. She’s just a wonderful reader and person!


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Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

Amy is super accurate. Timelines may be hit or miss but the read of a person or situation is as if she has a personal relationship with the topic herself. Wonderful reader


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Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Phone Reading

She is such a wonderful reader. Very accurate but also, and importantly, gives sane and realistic insights. No fluff but lots of care


Psychic Venus x8854 stars Phone Reading

Sweet sweet lady who is insightful and accurate. Just a pleasure to chat with and is now one of my faves! Recommend