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Psychic Irena x8086 stars Phone Reading

Irena nailed it again! It turned out exactly as she said it would.


Psychic Thalia x3344 stars Phone Reading

Thalia was was very accurate about the person I asked about.


Psychic Irena x8086 stars Phone Reading

Irena told me that I would be hired for the project without having to reduce my fee. She was right.


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Psychic Eliza x7896 stars Phone Reading

I called Eliza because she has an uncanny ability to discern what people are thinking and feeling. I was asked to submit a fee proposal to work on a project. I was aggressively pursued and told that this was just a formality. I became concerned when I did not get a response of any kind after I sent the proposal. I had to give up another work opportunity to do this so I was annoyed to say the least. I asked Eliza what were the people to whom I submitted the proposal thinking and feeling and whether I would get the job. Eliza told me that they wanted to save money and did not think that my level of expertise was needed for the project. Eliza told me that I would not get the job because the people were going to hire someone else with less expertise at a lower cost. To my relief, Eliza was wrong. I read with her last night. I was hired this morning. I have read with Eliza before and will read with her again when I want to discern what someone is feeling and/or thinking in the now.


Psychic Lita x3455 stars Phone Reading

I contacted Lita because I have been looking for a reader with strong medium skills. Lita told me things that lead me to believe that she successfully connected with my mother. I will read with her again to see if this is true.


Psychic John x8318 stars Phone Reading

John is very gifted.