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Psychic Hazel x3632 stars Chat Reading

I just received a reading from Hazel. It was okay. I don’t know how accurate she is because it’s a future prediction. I wasn’t given any timelines I guess I’ll stick to my regulars for that. As a personal preference I don’t like when readers gender the other person. I hate to translate to “she” in my head. Hazel has been accurate in the past so I went to her again. We’ll see I guess


Psychic Maxx x3612 stars Phone Reading

I recently received a reading with Maxx. I usually person chat but I saw how many people he had in line waiting so I thought. Oh he’s going to be good and I need to hear his responses. Maxx has amazing energy and excitement about him. I asked about a job offer coming in and he gave detail about the offer and a timeline. I always love a timeline. I talked to one of my fav readers a month ago and they both pretty much said the same thing. Especially when it comes to a job that slightly different then what I’m used to. I love what I do so I’m definitely curious. I didn’t get to ask my other question because I didn’t put enough money on my account because I’m poor lol but I will definitely call Max again. Thank you


Psychic Ivy x3654 stars Chat Reading

I recently spoke with Ivy about new job offer. Ivy was quick, friendly, and clear in her delivery. Although I did get stuck on “within two months” and was disappointed but within could be anytime between now and 2 months from now lol. She said I would get an offer that’s slightly different that what I’m used to doing and apply with a “why now” mindset. I giggled to myself because I’ve literally been saying why not when I apply to jobs I may not be qualified for. I figure it won’t hurt and they do say “preferred qualifications “. So at this point I have no clue with the new job will be because I’m applying to everything. I hope her prediction will come to fruition *fingers crossed* Thank you


Psychic Rachelle x9814 stars Chat Reading

I just had a reading with Rachelle and she put my mind at ease. She quick and easy to understand. I hope my last two reading with come to fruition (they were set for August). Thank you


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Psychic Raina x3342 stars Chat Reading

I just had a first time reading with Raina. She was quick in her response. She didn’t offer much other than answering my question. I asked about a new job by the end of the month and she said yes. She asked what I did for a living but there was no follow up as to why she asked. I guess time will reveal. Thank you


Psychic Volta x3111 stars Chat Reading

I really like Volta she’s really quick with the chat responses and doesn’t ask a lot of questions. I think she’s accurate with the love reading although it hasn’t happened yet (August prediction) it’s something others have said as well. Today I asked her about finding a job in a new city. I think I may have asked my question weird because I was left more anxious and confused. I’m hoping to move by the end of July and asked will I get a job so that I can move and she started talking about finding the right apartments and a job in September. I’m scared to just move without stability lol. So I think I asked my question wrong. Hopefully I’ll hear back from a job soon. Thank you Volta


Psychic Rachelle x9814 stars Chat Reading

I really enjoyed my reading with Rachelle. I asked my questions and she just went to town with details even what my future forever person hair color. A blonde! Whew never say never lol. . Looking forward to everything unfolding, my future is bright. Thank you Rachelle


Psychic Hope x3496 stars Chat Reading

Mmm I don’t know. I asked a specific question about someone I just met and I felt like she was trying to spare my feelings. I like straight shooters and directness(that’s my fault for choosing a compassionate psychic). I’m sure she’s great for some I just didn’t like her style.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

I just had a reading with Ginger and she was direct and efficient which I appreciate. I asked about an upcoming exam within the next few days and she said I will do well. I’m feeling confident but didn’t want to be over confident and do poorly*good vibes only*. I asked about someone I just recently started talking to because I have some reservations and she asked about their birthday...I took a guess and was off by a week lol. So I hope the reading didn’t effect what she said(I don’t really like astrology readings so I was thrown off by the question). She said everything will actually work out which is surprising for me because the person I’m talking feels the same. I’m just not quite there yet. We will see what happens in the time frame she gave(I love time frames lol). Thank you for your gifts


Psychic Seth x3647 stars Chat Reading

I had a reading done today were I asked a general question about a future forever person. I had originally written out my question had it ready for a copy and paste so he didn’t have to ask clarification questions because I’m a broke b***h and didn’t have time to waste lol. didn’t paste so I had to shorten my question and he had to ask the clarifying questions which shortened my time(I’m not the fastest typer and a perfectionist lol). It’s a future reading so I can’t say it was accurate but I will say he was fun to and funny. It was short so I didn’t get to dig deeper but I look forward to see what July and this new connection has in store.