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Psychic Luke x9299 stars Phone Reading

Predictions were wrong.


Psychic Bella Skye x8262 stars Phone Reading

She was wrong. She told me that I would promoted in my job, but I was fired


Psychic Millicent x9594 stars Phone Reading

Disappointed. She didn't answer my question. She was scattered.


Psychic Michele x3520 stars Phone Reading

Very frustrating read. I asked her about her job and she told me she saw a woman at a beach and then an old woman who would retire and g that might be met but I'm not old and frankly it was just a very disappointing read


Psychic Suzi x8046 stars Phone Reading

Susie was very clear and gave me a timeline.


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

Nice lady but inaccurate. I asked her about a job and she first told me I would get two offers. Then she told me I would get an offer from a man. Nothing came to fruition


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Chat Reading

Very general. Did not answer my question


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Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Vincent is usually quite accurate however he was wrong this time!