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Psychic Michael x3472 stars Phone Reading

Excellent! He appears to have a direct connection with source. Give him a try!


Psychic Felicity x3462 stars Phone Reading

On the ball. I believe she is trustworthy.


Psychic Roxanne x3051 stars Phone Reading

Sounded good! Sure hope it was the truth.


Psychic London x3116 stars Phone Reading

On the ball. Give her a try.


Psychic Gita x9644 stars Phone Reading

In the years that I have called Psychic Source, this one is the best. I asked her questions and she gave me the correct answers. This is rare. She didn't use cards, she didn't tell me about the moon being in retro, and she did not create answers. I highly recommend her. All the best--


Psychic Citra x9500 stars Phone Reading

I believe this woman is truly gifted. She said many things that made sense. God bless Citra and may she always speak the truth.


Psychic Jimmy x8346 stars Phone Reading

I enjoy speaking with Jimmy. He is insightful and has given me hope when I needed it. He has described personalities accurately. As with any psychic, I am waiting for his predictions to come to pass.


Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

He's consistant. I am waiting for his predictions to come to fruition.


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Psychic Hannah x9434 stars Phone Reading

I believe Hannah is honest. At times, she spends too much time looking for words to express what she is seeing/feeling. I like her, but I want to scream sometimes, "What? Say it?"


Psychic Chance x7542 stars Phone Reading

My faith is ultimately in God. Once Chance told me someone was going to help me with a project. He was right. I continue to call him because I know he is capable of picking up on a situation. If he's done it once, he may be able to do it again.