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Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

Leota was very accurate! She described me well, she described the friend I called about very well, she described our relationship extremely well and accurately predicted our next contact and topic of conversation. And did it all without any information from me! Will definitely be contacting her again.


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Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Chat Reading

I’m amazed by Seraphina’s accuracy! She predicted contact by the end of the week, which happened right on schedule. She predicted a confession of feelings late in the month, which happened earlier than predicted. She said he was worried about starting a relationship because he had been hurt in prior relationships and he confirmed that too! The last prediction is supposed to be slower to unfold so I’ll have to wait for that confirmation. Not only is she accurate but she has a calming demeanor and a genuine respect for you time and money. Highly recommend!!!


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

I woke up in the middle of the night and panicked when I realized I hadn't heard from a friend who was traveling so I called Seraphina. She eased my mind and now that some time has passed and I've texted with him I can confirm that her assessment of the situation was absolutely spot on. I appreciate Seraphina being patient and compassionate with my sleepy rambling and will definitely be adding her to my list of favorites and calling her in the future. Thank you, Seraphina!


Psychic Narnia x7735 stars Chat Reading

I was puzzled by something Narnia said about the man I asked her about. He has been experiencing some new found and long overdue recognition in his career so I was puzzled that she said he wasn’t in a good place emotionally and struggling with upheaval. She was absolutely right! Yesterday he shared that his grandmother is dieing and his mother is attempting to manipulate him with guilt. Thank you for honestly communicating what you were seeing even if it wasn’t what I was seeing at the time, Narnia!


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Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

My recent reading with Sadia has left me disappointed and less hopeful, not because she was wrong but rather because my soul mate is backsliding. He is using money as an excuse not to face me despite the fact that he knows I don’t care how much money he has. He is also shrugging off his responsibility for the way he has been treating me and clinging to some delusion that he is “innocent” until I know that he is aware of how poorly he is treating me. It is good that he now sees the reality of his situation and understands how differently things would have been if he made a different choice so long ago, but it just isn’t enough. I appreciate Sadia’s honesty, but I am hurt and losing hope that he will find the courage to follow through. I’m tired of waiting, I’m tired of being treated so poorly and I am done with his laundry list of excuses.


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Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

A year ago Sadia predicted that there would be a positive change in my soul mate's outlook toward our relationship after his father passed. I saw the inherent logic in what she said, but was concerned that his current circumstances would prevent that from happening. During our last conversation she confirmed that he has indeed, FINALLY, come to the conclusion that he doesn't just want to survive like his father did. He wants to be happy and he wants to love and be loved in return instead of being comfortably miserable. A few years ago she also told me that he had a dream of the two of us having our own business, but when his financial situation caused his life to spiral downward he abandoned that dream thinking it was lost forever. She also confirmed in our last reading that he is once again dreaming of us having a business together. I didn't realize how big this was when we were talking, but now I see what a big step this is toward him recovering his identity and self-esteem. Sadia tells me he has done a lot of serious thinking and is working up the courage to face me after a lengthy separation. I have felt waves of worry and nervousness every time she has indicated that he was close so I know he is trying. He is maddeningly slow at times, but Sadia is always right. I appreciate that she has listened to me cry and supported me in the choice to cut him off until he puts on his big boy boxers and starts behaving like the man I know him to be. Thank you, my dear friend, for everything you have done for me. I am looking forward to the day that I can tell you that he showed up, owned up and manned up.


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for our chat today, Sadia. I feel a little less alone in the insanity that is our world right now. In case you need a giggle, I locked myself in a stairwell at work while I was talking to you. I had to text a co-worker to come let me out because I left my badge in my coat pocket. LOL! Only me. These are the song lyrics I couldn't remember when we were talking: "You retreated to your silent corner like you decided the fight was over for you" and "I don't believe you when you say don't come around here no more." It's funny how the song lyrics that pop in my head always coincide with what you tell me later. Until I have an update, stay strong my dear friend.


Psychic Kya x8004 stars Phone Reading

Kya has been reading for me for a few years and she has proven to be pretty darn accurate. Sometimes the timing has been off, but that can happen with any reader. She started doing phone readings for me and things have flowed rather seamlessly over to the chat format. If she hasn't connected well with you over chat, I would highly recommend reading with her over the phone and forming a connection that way before changing back to chat. Thanks for everything Kya! Hope your holidays are warm and bright!


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Sadia was right, as she always is! While my patience runs thin at times and I get very frustrated with the subject of our readings Sadia has listened to me cry, celebrated our victories and been speedy when my budget was tight through it all. We had our reconnection which was supposed to be the kickoff of our new beginning about a month ago. I thought things would start moving forward after that point and Sadia told me that's what he had envisioned as well, but then he got distracted and then had yet another setback and I was beginning to feel like things would never get moving again. Last night he came over, completely unplanned and out of the blue, just as Sadia predicted. We had a great time and he stayed longer than normal. He also showed very clear signs of the warm, loving thoughts Sadia told me he was having about me. Sadia, I can't thank you enough for all that you do for me....for all of us. When my new budget cycle starts we will have to do a post-visit reading to see what he's thinking about all of this now. There was an interesting development at work recently too so we'll have to look at how that changes my career landscape. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!


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Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Once again Sadia put up with me being very frustrated with someone else and I appreciate that very much. She was honest, it wasn’t entirely what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. She took a different approach to things at my request and helped me figure out what I had been feeling and why I had been feeling that way. I hate that I made her feel what I’ve been feeling and I hate even more that it made her cry, but I REALLY appreciate the clarity she provided. Sadia, my budget will not permit a call for a few weeks, but next time we chat I need help making a decision about him. If he is going to continue avoiding me when I need him or when I get emotional, then I don’t want him moving in with me. It will be infinitely more painful to feel alone in my own home with him there and avoiding me. I am remembering him before all the ugliness started and he simply isn’t that person anymore and he might never be again. In the meantime I'm seeing other people and not really caring what he does or doesn't say or do.