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Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

WOW, Vincent almost got the name of the person I asked about right without any prompting. Actually my focus wasn't love but I got the information anyway. Great readings and a lot of details that I could actually confirm. Time frames are always difficult, but I have full confidence in the outcome. Thank you!


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

I love Anja! Her chat thread is flawless and so very clear and she never drifts off the subject or repeats words. For me she is the best chat reader on this site - though hard to get through to. One prediction has already come true, but bear in mind time frames are difficult. The outcome counts and it happend for me. Thank you Anja!


Psychic Selene x8938 stars Phone Reading

Selene is direct and to the point. She doesn't waffle and answers questions quickly and what I feel very genuinely. Still too early to tell whether prrediction pan out. Thank you Selene!


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for the great reading. You were so quick to type and I felt so elated afterwards. I could almost feel your energy as you were channeling. Thank you


Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

For me the best reader on this site! Thank you Noah for the clarity and reassurance. Please stay healthy and safe.


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Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

I´ve been reading with Noah for several years. Slowly and consistently almost all his predictions have come to pass. He is so very patient with me every time I call and even if it's for the xth time he stays consistent and never waivers in what he sees as the outcome. He is incredibly gifted. Thank you! For your warmth and kindness and for listening always!


Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

An excellent reader with accurate predictions. Empathic and consistent. Thank you Noah!


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Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for yet another great reading. Noah´s description of events that will happen are very detailed and accurate. Many of his predictions have come to pass for me in the past years and I value the consistency and warmth of our conversations. Just be open and allow him to read the energy. He is my favourite advisor on this site.


Psychic Clarity x9083 stars Chat Reading

I have read with Clarity for over 2 years. She is very honest, never wavers in her readings and always stays true to what she sees. Her predictions have always been consistent and she never gives in to pressure on my part for timelines. Thank you for your patience.


Psychic Frida x9752 stars Phone Reading

Very precise and seems exceptionally confident about a positive outcome and gives timelines. I can't verify predictions yet, but calming, kind and positive advisor. Give her a try.