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Psychic Sonata x7581 stars Chat Reading

Sonata is great! She always quickly tunes into my situation with amazing accuracy. I highly recommend her!


Psychic Angel x4799 stars Phone Reading

I was highly satisfied with my reading with Angel. Angel is so easy to talk to, kind, and very positive. She accurately picked up on my POI as she was able to describe what they looked like physically as well as describe their hobbies. I definitely recommend Angel for a phone reading.


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Psychic Faith x9292 stars Chat Reading

I was highly satisfied with my reading with Faith. Faith radiates a caring, upbeat energy. I very much appreciated the accuracy of my reading as well as the fact that Faith was very honest about what she saw and didn't tell me what I wanted to hear.


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

My first time reading with Leota, and I was very satisfied with her abilities. She tuned in quickly, and radiated a beautiful upbeat energy. I'm hoping her prediction comes to pass in the time frame given.


Psychic Danielle x7913 stars Chat Reading

I have been reading with Danielle for several months now, mostly via chat. Danielle tunes in quickly, provides honest insight, and radiates a caring energy. I highly recommend her as one of Psychic Sources top advisors.


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Psychic Amy x7886 stars Chat Reading

Today is 8/25. I am very pleased that Amy's timeframe for a prediction has come to pass just as she said it would. Amy is professional, detailed, and doesn't "fish" for answers with questions. A true gifted psychic.


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Psychic Merci x7794 stars Chat Reading

Merci was very respectful of my time. I appreciated that she told me she wasn't picking up on a particular person in question. She was very honest and didn't sugar coat her answers.


Psychic Martina x9029 stars Chat Reading

Martina is very honest, accurate, and she gives practical advice.


Psychic Lexi x8036 stars Chat Reading

Excellent reading with Lexi. Her accurate insight into my situation was remarkable. She was confident in her predictions. She was able to provide details without fishing around with questions. She was very clear and concise with the information she provided. I would highly recommend Lexi!


Psychic Selena x9045 stars Chat Reading

I felt Selena and I connected well. She quickly tuned into my situation. She was accurate and did not ask questions. She was honest and I felt she had my best interest at heart. Chatting with Selena felt like corresponding with a trusted friend. Thank you, Selena!