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Psychic Valerie x3601 stars Phone Reading

You can ask her a question and she will go around it before she answer it. You have to keep redirecting her to answer the question.


Psychic Judy x7975 stars Phone Reading

I called her related to my landlord! She was right!! Everything worked in my favor!!!!! I get to stay!!!! Thank you so much Judy!!!!


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Phone Reading

Ok. I always read with Anja about love and relationship. On March 5th I had a phone reading about a situation but not about love and relationship. On March 7th, she was right!! I appreciate Anja so much and I thank her for being honest with me. It was a scary situation!! She knew everything was going to be okay!!!!!!


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Phone Reading

I like Anja!! Some of her predictions have came true but the main one timeline keep changing. I continue to talk to her because she still sees it happening! So hopefully, it will come true this time because it extended to March 2019 from our last reading. The time has changed so much from August 2018-March 2019. The good thing is, I have seen a big change with this particular person like she said!! I’m just waiting on the main thing. If I wasn’t talking to Anja, I would be thinking he’s playing games and probably, would’ve walked away!!! The readings are keeping me balance!! It’s scary because I don’t want to get played again or waste time/money on someone that’s not serious. Give her a try because she has been right about some of my predictions before!! I was going to give up but a nice lady, She’s the best I ever read with on this site and other sites too!


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Phone Reading

Today is 10/26/2018. I really like Anja. She has been right about different things. I’m still waiting for the main thing to happen. October is here and November is next month but time will tell. October is a lot of mix signals and I thought this month was going to be happiness! It’s still October and I’m still waiting patiently but hopefully, next month things will fall in place! I will repost! Anja is confident in her reading! I feel like if anything changes, she will tell me. I hope it happens!!! I’ve been waiting on this for years!!!! Anja is so patience and very nice!!! I truly believe she’s a genuine person!!!


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Phone Reading

Okay... I read with Anja on 6/29 and today is 6/30. I just found out they are moving into a bigger place together. I’m thinking that is what Anja is talking about when she stated, “Something is going to happen in July & don’t read too much into it.” This is mind blowing!! If she never told me this, I would’ve backed away and probably had an attitude with this person but I’m glad she’s helping me out with this complicated situation!!! Thank you so much again!!!


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Phone Reading

She was right about the birthday party but I’m still waiting on the main thing to happen what she stated!! If it happens I will come back with 5 stars!! If she’s right, she & another advisory will be the 1st after so many advisors! June-August we will see! It two advisors I have read with recently and was highly recommended & they stated the same thing!! I will never ever use another site or anybody else but these two!!! I hope I don’t get let down.


Psychic Raquel x9488 stars Phone Reading

She stated, “In Aug. is when he will want to have that conversation and want to be with me... he will bring her to the party if you don’t tell him to.” I told him and he didn’t bring her. Im waiting on August for the conversation and I will post again!! Fingers cross...


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Phone Reading

Hey I must give Anja a 5 stars because she told me that I would be getting a raise in July! Yes, I know it’s 6/19/18 but I was granted a raise today at work!! Her predictions are so true!! I finally in yearssss found someone that is connected to me! This is a phenomenal feeling inside and out! If you only knew my stories related to other advisors on other websites!! This website is real!!! I’m so ready for my other predictions to happen too!! Especially, the love and relationship!! I hope we stay connected for she can continue to read me! Thanks to the customers service lady that highly recommend her!! I have another advisor too on this site & both have been phenomenal! Anja has been right about the party, raise and about the connection in June!!! I hope her rate doesn’t go up because she’s my go to!!! Thank you, Psychic Source for having her on y’all site to help people like me!!!!


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Psychic Akira x9543 stars Phone Reading

Omg... her reading completely changed! I did try to give her a chance and not over think it. I called her today and it’s changing.