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Psychic Zamara x4981 stars Phone Reading

Super cool just have to wait on it


Psychic Destiny x4860 stars Phone Reading

Destiny is good she’s down to earth sometimes you have to let her know you need straight answers cos she’ll get playful at times but I just need answers overall she’s a 10


Psychic Destiny x4860 stars Phone Reading

The best. I am waiting for results. Some information already true.


Psychic Lani x4850 stars Phone Reading

I like her. I am just waiting to see the results.


Psychic Bianca x9493 stars Phone Reading

She’s the best I’ve spoken to. She has a lot of energy but you can stop her for a second, if you have other questions. She gets a 10.


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Psychic Spring x4779 stars Phone Reading

At first, I was getting frustrated she was taking too long but moving forward she grasped it. Have patience, she just takes a minute to tune in.


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

She scores a 10 from me. Very nice and jumped straight into reading.


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Very nice reader. Took me some time to connect with Sadia but very straight forward.


Psychic Hannah x4832 stars Phone Reading

No connection


Psychic Coffee x7247 stars Phone Reading

I love her very accurate. You do have to keep her on topic but excellent.