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Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

OMG I had to extend time couple of times and sad my card was exhausted. Janax was very quick and on point with my questions like reading a book. Love her voice and humor as she discussed my relationship. I am looking forward to your results of the reading because everything you said was true. Thank you so much for the insight and I will update you soon.


Psychic Violet x3581 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Violet for our time and your honesty about my struggling relationship that ended very badly. The truth hurts, but I needed to hear from a reliable source of insights. Your input confirms his cheating, unreliability, egotistical, and dishonesty in the relationship. I was sad all day and angry about the overall challenges we had and the frequent fights that finally ended abruptly. I felt better during and after our chats knowing that I will be alright moving forward to a new beginning of happiness. I am thrilled to meet my match and look forward to the new love and happiness. You are gifted and grateful to your guidance with my queries to stay positive, focus on enjoyable and fun activities. I look forward to future chats and updates with you. May the universe shower you abundantly


Psychic Venus x8854 stars Phone Reading

Venus you are a sweet and gentle soul. Very carrying, understanding and compassionate about my dysfunctional relationship that ended very badly. In your own thoughtful manner gently guided me with moving forward because I deserve better. Everything you said about him are all true. Therefore am sorry we got disconnected few times, I want you to know that I value your gift and guidance. You gave me hope and comfort. Sending love and abundance and chat soon! Stay well