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Psychic Phoebe x4727 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely loved her ! I'm very quick to hiding my energy with new people, and coming into an online source I was questionable as anybody would be. I scrolled through the list of psychics, but when I saw Phoebe I tried scrolling past here but I kept coming back so I knew it was her I needed to talk too . At first I was very quiet because I didn't want to say too much because if she was fake I didn't want to give enough for her to fake it through ya know ? No . She needed a minute to be able to connect herself with my emotional wave pattern . At the season of life I'm in , I just feel stuck and Phoebe was telling me things that I've been telling myself but just pushed off as one of those secondary thoughts . I felt as if it was one aspect in my life when it was actually the complete opposite, and can't thank Phoebe enough . We might w just talked, but I can't wait to see where life goes now.