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Psychic Willow x8048 stars Phone Reading

Willow is just really fantastic. She is very straight forward, seeing some of the other reviews has me confused because idk why you would what anything but the truth from her? Anyways, originally called because my fiancé passed away. I tried to play coy and was like “just a general reading” and Willow was like… ok, if you say so. And then about 7 min in she stops and says you know, if you’d just tell me what you want we could get to the point. So I (still trying to be vague) said grief. She asked their name, age and who they were to me. I told her and the information I got back was unreal. Things and references that she couldn’t have possibly had known. Like tree- him and I planted a pear tree when we moved into our home and when he passed I dug it up and planted it at my parents so I could eat a pear off of it one day. Or not… she said three times and the third time it went to Knot- and she said “he’s saying tied the knot, he wishes he would have tied the knot” I told Willow he was my partner, not fiancé but in any sense, because we weren’t married everything goes to his family. It’s been a real conundrum for me- absolutely no way for her to know any of that within literal seconds. Willow is the real deal, don’t bullsh*t her. Give her the information she needs so she can do what she does best. I’ll forever be grateful for the closure I received from her message