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Psychic Leah x4886 stars Phone Reading

It was a pleasure talking to Leah. She picked up on my situation quickly and without me giving her any information. She was kind, sympathetic, patient and honest, and gave detailed answers to my questions. She also touched upon some important aspects of my situation without any prompts and gave me very useful insight.


Psychic Wanda x4867 stars Phone Reading

All I can say is WOW! I just gave names, asked a question and Wanda launched into the reading with confidence and direction. Without any further prompts from me, she accurately and comprehensively described the entire situation I was in including everything about my POI. She was extremely patient, honest and just so great to talk to. She remained on track throughout and gave a lot of information without me even asking for it. Thanks so much Wanda. I'll be calling back!


Psychic Millicent x9594 stars Phone Reading

I can't overstate how amazing Millicent is. Just a name and she picked up so very accurately everything about my situation. She was quick, detailed and gave a LOT of useful insight into my POI's mind that even I didn't know I needed. She explained their thoughts and feelings in great detail which was very helpful. She's also very receptive to questions and really easy and fun to talk to. I'm really glad I connected with her!


Psychic Hazel x3632 stars Phone Reading

It was awesome talking to Hazel! She picked up on my situation pretty quick and didn't need any details from me. She gave me a pretty unique perspective into everything while being clear and direct. She's also very easy and comfortable to talk to.


Psychic Chloe x4873 stars Phone Reading

WOW! I had not just a great reading with Chloe, but an amazing conversation as well. She was very intuitive, accurate and empathetic. Most of all, she was highly detailed and a great listener while being so easy and great to talk to. Highly recommend her, and I'll be calling again!


Psychic Amelia x9227 stars Phone Reading

Amelia was so quick to pick on my situation without any details from me. The insight she gave on what was happening and what my POI was thinking/feeling was incredible, I especially loved the descriptions of the visions she got about it all. She was also so kind, compassionate and patient, and just very nice and easy to talk to. I'll definitely be calling her again, and I highly recommend giving her a call!!