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Psychic Salem x4774 stars Phone Reading

This is by far the most accurate reading I have ever had. She was able to tell me so many specific details without any questions. Her approach is so kind and had a sense of healing. I look forward to consulting with her again.


Psychic Vesper x4798 stars Chat Reading

I love reaching out to Vesper. She has been helping me with an ongoing situation. Many of the things she has said have actually come true. I love that she also focuses on guidance and advise.


Psychic Vesper x4798 stars Chat Reading

I have had about three readings with Vesper and she is so knowledgeable. I love her direct approach, she will say things as they are. When I want a reading she’s the only person that comes to mind!


Psychic Akasha x4864 stars Chat Reading

great reading. she’s knowledgeable


Psychic Jewel x4859 stars Chat Reading

super knowledgeable & great explanations