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Psychic Tivon x9781 stars Chat Reading

I was happy to connect with Tivon. I've had Tivon listed in my favorites which for me I use my favs for well favs and for ones I would like to connect with.. don't wait as long as I did and go ahead connect with Tivon I gareentee you will have a great experience. Tivon is quick in chat to respond which is nice. Tivon showed empathy for my situation and was kind which is what I needed in that moment was some kindness. I have got two different answers to one question. I hope Tivon's answer is the correct one. I liked Tivons wording with what she seen for me and my future and what was meant for me. Brought me some peace and happiness and kindness and empathy.


Psychic Amber x4729 stars Chat Reading

I only spent a short time in chat but in that short time she did make me feel better. Showed empathy towards my situation. I love how she addressed my loss first and continued to answer my questions quickly in chat. Her words even though it was short really hit my heart. Thank you for the reading. I will come back to Amber for another reading soon. If your trying to decide on who you want to connect with I don't think you can go wrong with Amber I would just go ahead and do a reading with Amber, you won't regret it.


Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Phone Reading

I'm happy I had the opportunity to have a reading with Anegelica she answered questions when I was not prepared I was vague and I was unclear and had trouble wording my questions this is due to my lack of preparedness. She still was able to sift through this and answer questions. May not be what you want to hear because I think everyone wants to hear your life will be amazing and you will never have a worry but that simply is not realistic we all have troubles and she was able to deliver that with care which I was nervous about but she did an amazing job saying it with care and respect. I didn't feel judged even though it would be easy to judge me and I never felt that with Angelica. I wish I had my questions ready or how to ask them. But I felt it was a gift I received as I was needing to talk to some with her ability and that made me feel hope. Great full for what I received. I'm going through a deep sadness the worst I've ever felt and knowing my job doesn't appear to be at risk is good. I understand ultimately the decision is always mine and I can change outcomes. Im also happy there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I will have hopefully made a decision in the next 48 hrs. If I can do that I believe she is right I will find relief. She really did amazing considering I wasn't clear and had trouble wording my questions and I think that I made me a hard reading because I was so unclear and unprepared I was. I'm great full she pulled through. I would recommend her to friends and family. I hope to continue using Angelica .. I have never done a phone reading I thought it would be uncomfortable but she got right in there and helped get things started. Wonderful introduction.


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Chat Reading

Luv this guy, it's my very first reading ever and felt amazing. I was afraid to be honest. But he eased my mind with some concerns and even gave some great recommendations on some reading materials, wish I had more money to continue chat. Hope he does well in all he does. Thanks for providing a service like this to others I'm sure it's not easy to but it sure is amazing and helpful. Will continue to only talk to Arthur. Thanks again for all your insight