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Psychic Scarlet x4851 stars Phone Reading

Thank you. Thank you so much. I spun out. She grounded me. I had trauma to heal and she pin pointed it so I can address it. I doubted myself and she gave me the encouragement I needed to trust myself. I am very powerful myself and I came in hot with overwhelming chaos and fear and she drown that out with her beautiful love and light and reassurance. I was weak and she gave me the love I needed to find my strength. The shift she provided was massive and exceptional. It takes a powerful source of light to do what she did. I am eternally greatful. I've never met someone who can override my energy, especially if it's dark. I am first and foremost greatful but also extremely impressed.


Psychic Aviva x3276 stars Phone Reading

I needed her and she was there. The truth she told me shattered my world but it needed to be shattered. I now have the clarity I need to become who I am meant to be even if getting that clarity broke my heart. I am eternally greatful.