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Psychic Nina x3558 stars Chat Reading

Quick to respond and gave as many details as she could. I’m really hoping things begin to happen in the timeline she gave, but I know it depends on so many other factors. Came looking for answers and some things I did not like to hear, but they probably had to be heard. She gave more good news than bad, but still sees a future between poi and I. Sadly, so far I’ve had no luck so I’m hoping it turns around


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Chat Reading

Had a very insightful conversation with Christopher. He still sees the loml wanting to work things out even after I decided to walk away after seeing no change. Have spoken to him several times and his predictions still seem to be somewhat the same. Shared some good key points. Hoping things will turn around, but I have begun the healing process. Definitely had been tough and his delivery was kind, compassionate and empowering. Looking forward to what’s to come. Thank you.


Psychic Carly x3151 stars Chat Reading

Carly has not changed what she has told me in a long time. Been waiting a long time to finally see things come to fruition. I rarely review since I wait to see if things come to pass, but something compelled me to review immediately. Carly is quick to respond and has always been kind. She helps me find the hope that I lose at times. I am claiming the energy she has brought to this reading and am looking forward to a fresh beginning for us in our very soon!