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Psychic Ruby x4812 stars Phone Reading

I can't even seem to find words to write about my reading, I'm still so mindblown by everything Ruby told me. I really valued our talk tonight, it gave me such great insight into my situation. Ruby definitely connected well and was patient with me whenever I asked for clarification.


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

Leota was wonderful and so friendly, she quickly picked up and connected to my situation. I truly felt like I could trust the advice she gave me on how to approach something. I've been going back and forth on for what feels like forever. She was so confident in her answers to my questions, it left no doubt in my mind.


Psychic Salem x4774 stars Phone Reading

Salem is so sweet and kind. I always feel so at ease talking with her. It feels like talking to a close friend who really knows me. Our chats leave me feeling more positive and confident. I truly treasure what Salem shares with me and trust everything she says.


Psychic Angel x4799 stars Phone Reading

I felt like we connected really well and quickly! Angel was so warm and comforting and gentle with everything. I had one thing specifically that was really worrying me and we were able to check on it more than once and in depth so it felt like I could be confident in the answer. i definitely left with a calmer mind.


Psychic Serenity x9213 stars Phone Reading

Very warm and friendly, I felt good about our conversation and hope things play out like you said!


Psychic Keanu x3600 stars Phone Reading

I had a very interesting reading with Keanu yesterday. I always appreciate hearing what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear, and even though it maybe wasn't what I was hoping to hear for my life right now, I was left feeling oddly comforted knowing what awaits me in the future. My energy felt much better after we talked, thank you! :)


Psychic Marlo x4659 stars Chat Reading

I was feeling all over the place yesterday and wanted someone whose answers I trust to be honest (whether good or bad news - I have no interest in false hope/a false sense of security) and thought of Marlo (I'd had another reading a month ago). Definitely left feeling much better and lighter, thank you! Literally a few minutes after our chat ended, I got a text!