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Psychic Esme x3498 stars Phone Reading

Esme understands energy and motivations better than any reader I have spoken with. Her explanations for the behavior of the person in question align perfectly with what what I have been witnessing and my research. You are an enlightening gift, Esme.


Psychic Denise x7842 stars Phone Reading

Denise has given me the reasons as to why my situation has progressed the way it has. Her insight has proven to be correct. Her advise has been invaluable.


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Psychic Tansy x4682 stars Phone Reading

I have been working with Tansy for five months. Events have come to pass just as she said they would. She is my permanent go to reader


Psychic Esme x3498 stars Phone Reading

She calmly and articulately pulled together all the facts for me and gave me the clarity I had been looking for. Esme, I did the research and it all makes sense to me now. My mind and heart are at ease. Esme is compassionate, straightforward and simply divine!


Psychic Joshua x4713 stars Phone Reading

Joshua gives great insight into what energy is around me and others I am involved with. His reading are delivered with compassion and often a sense of humor. I had confirmtion this morning of the energy he was sensing during my last reading.