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Psychic Ramezia x4813 stars Phone Reading

Ramezia is just fantastic with how she reads, giving what she sees and hears. She is also a joy to speak with.


Psychic Jaska x3072 stars Phone Reading

Jaska is very good. She told me about the release of my POI and I , as well as the choices that I have with him. She pick up on my career in the coming year, gives me something to be excited about. She tells you what it is with lots of compassion.


Psychic Ramezia x4813 stars Phone Reading

She picks up quick. I was able to connect with my son and the things she said, only he would know. She gave me insight into my relationship with my POI and I'm looking forward to that and the changes with my career. She was direct and gave lots of information.


Psychic Maxx x3612 stars Chat Reading

Maxx is quick to pick up things. Things are still looking good for my POI. Looking forward to the coming months.


Psychic Maxx x3612 stars Chat Reading

Maxx is quick to pick up on the situation and tells you exactly what he sees. He's good, lately I've been doing monthly readings. Give him a call and you won't be disappointed.


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Psychic Opal x4906 stars Phone Reading

She picked up quick on my POI. She also let me know that there are 3 POI on there way along with a job. I'll just wait and see. I really enjoyed the reading.


Psychic Myrrha x4909 stars Phone Reading

I like her. Told me a few things that I hadn't thought about, as well as giving me insight into things about the journey that I am on. Work is coming, a relationship is coming, and my daughter will be going back to work the beginning of the year. She picked up on things really quickly.


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Phone Reading

Nova is such a pleasure to talk to especially when your nerves get the best of you. Her readings are direct with lots of compassion and a little bit of guidance.


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Psychic Vesper x4798 stars Chat Reading

She is fast at typing. Straight forward, she quickly picked up on my POI and shared with me what she saw as well as things for me to look/do. She is very good!!!


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Phone Reading

His humor is dry yet funny, he picks up quick.