Psychic Zac x4996

Psychic Zac x4996

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  • Specialties: Energy Healing, Pet Psychic, Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Reiki/Healing, Crystals
  • Reading Style: Direct

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More About Zac

Years of Experience: 21

Hello, lovely souls!

I'm Zac, and I'm delighted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about myself. As a psychic with over 21 years of experience, I've dedicated my life to helping others through energy healing, intuitive guidance, and my innate psychic abilities.

My journey as a psychic began with a deep fascination for the mystical and an unwavering desire to assist people in their personal growth and evolution. I believe that I’m hard-wired to be of service to others, and it’s both an honor and a privilege to walk alongside you on your life's path.

Throughout my years of practice, I’ve honed my skills in various specialties, including energy healing, pet psychic readings, intuitive/empathic insights, and love psychic guidance. Whether it's connecting with your furry friends, providing healing energy, or offering intuitive guidance on matters of the heart.

I have a versatile approach to using tools. I work with crystals, Reiki and other healing modalities. If needed, I can tap into your energy field without any external tools. My aim is always to provide you with answers and insights applicable to your unique situation.

My personality is best described as kind, nice, fun, smart, and, above all, honest. During our readings, you can expect a fast and on-point style that cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point. I believe that clarity and understanding are key to your growth and transformation.

One aspect that sets me apart is my ability to strike a balance between being a social butterfly and enjoying moments of quiet introspection. While I can talk the hind legs off a donkey (yes, that is indeed a weird saying!), I also cherish my serene and contemplative spaces. Distance is no barrier to my work, as I reside in beautiful Aotearoa/New Zealand and have had the privilege of reading for clients from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle (Norway, to be precise). Inner child healing holds a special place in my heart, and I incorporate this approach regardless of a client's age. I believe that embracing our childlike wonder and joy is vital for our well-being.

In my personal life, you can find me taking invigorating ice baths and enjoying refreshing sea swims, no matter the season. There's something incredibly liberating about immersing oneself in the natural elements. Through my own experiences, I am better equipped to guide you towards embracing life's adventures and finding your own sources of rejuvenation and joy.

Lastly, I want you to know that creating a safe and nurturing space for my clients is of utmost importance. Trust is the foundation upon which our connection is built, and I’m committed to fostering an environment where you can be vulnerable, open, and truly heard.

So, my friends, if you're seeking answers, relief, clarity, healing, and a better connection with the source energies that surround us, I’m here for you. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, with honesty, fun, and the unwavering belief that your brightest days lie ahead.

Words of Wisdom

In the eyes of the Divine, we are Equal.

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4½ stars

8 reviews since Jun 2023

LEENHAFEZ 9/22/2023 stars Chat Reading

I do think zac is a great psychic but I do feel he moves more as a therapist than a psychic. I felt my questions were not being answered because this is what I was looking for . over all thank you for the reading, I appreciate you telling me what guides are trying to let me know !

Santito 9/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for sharing and validation. Your totally awesome and genuine. Plan to keep you posted

MarilynP 9/17/2023 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely the best advisor I have spoken to here. Not only can Zac precisely read into a situation, he can also tell you what your life cycles are and way more about what lies beyond and what exists after life here. Talk with him and you’ll see. I wish I could have an entire afternoon. I’d give 10 stars if I could.

Santito 8/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

First time reading and picked up information quickly. Also, followed up with other valuable information. For sure, plan to follow up since he really connects good with his clients. He's totally awesome and genuine. M

lushiz9 8/9/2023 stars Phone Reading

Zac was awesome. He’s more than a psychic. He’s also a therapist lol. His energy is soothing. Please try him, you will leave feeling so much better.

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