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Psychic Tabitha x6018

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4½ stars

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Career Psychic, Clairsentient, Energy Healing, Love Psychic
  • Tools: Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Tabitha

Years of Experience: 23

Greetings, dear souls! I am Tabitha, a seasoned psychic advisor with over 20 years of experience. My journey has been one of embracing my gifts, honing my skills, and using my intuitive abilities to bring honesty and compassion to those seeking guidance and support. Allow me to share a glimpse into my world and the values that shape my work.

Throughout my practice, I specialize in various realms, including career psychic readings, clairsentience, energy healing, and love psychic guidance. My purpose as an advisor is rooted in helping individuals connect with messages that illuminate their path and guide them towards their best and most fulfilling life. I find great joy in utilizing my gifts to bring compassion and healing to those in need.

When you come to me for a reading, you can expect honesty, compassion, and unwavering support. I believe that true guidance requires a foundation of trust, and I strive to create a non-judgmental space where you can freely seek the guidance you need. Even when the messages may be challenging to hear, I am committed to delivering them with kindness and honesty, for it is through truth that true healing and growth can occur.

To describe my personality in five words, I am gentle, compassionate, funny, smart, and maternal. These qualities form the fabric of our connection, creating an environment where you can feel safe, understood, and supported. My reading style can be best summarized by three words: kind, honest, and healing. I believe in providing guidance that not only offers clarity and insight but also promotes your overall well-being.

What makes me unique in this realm of advisors is my diverse background and interests. Before embracing my psychic abilities, I had a successful career as a professional ballerina, dancing on stages all over the world. This journey instilled in me a deep appreciation for discipline, dedication, and the transformative power of art. Furthermore, baking is not just a hobby for me; it is a form of creative expression and a way to nurture the soul. Lastly, ravens hold a special place in my heart, symbolizing wisdom, mystery, and spiritual connection.

As a spiritual advisor, I want you to know that I approach every session with understanding and respect for all religious backgrounds. I believe in empowering individuals to trust their instincts and intuition, recognizing the wisdom that lies within them. Through our interactions, I hope to help you build confidence in your own inner voice and guide you towards reaching your goals and aspirations. Your success and fulfillment bring me great joy.

Dear seeker, as we embark on this journey together, know that I am here to offer you honesty, compassion, and unwavering support. My purpose is to assist you in navigating the complexities of life, providing guidance that leads to healing, growth, and the fulfillment of your deepest desires. I am Tabitha, your honest and compassionate guide, ready to illuminate your path and accompany you on your journey of self-discovery.

With love and light, Tabitha

Words of Wisdom

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.

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4½ stars

13 reviews since Jul 2023

rewtrt 11/28/2023 stars Chat Reading

expert in energy reading

Karen5 11/15/2023 stars Chat Reading

thank you for the reading. you were patient and helpful answering my concerns. I recommend

Tabitha replied...

Thank you so much for reaching out. I am so glad I could help.

clinton 10/27/2023 stars Chat Reading

A good reading, Tabitha seemed to connect well and answered questions that I had - I feel like she gave genuine responses that connected with the issue, though she does take time when connecting but it doesn't feel like it is just to stretch things out, more like she is making sure she has the correct information/insights as she see's them

Tabitha replied...

I really appreciate you taking the time to write a review and thank you for the wonderful comments. I definitely want to be clear and connected with each reading. I'm so glad you reached out.

leolabarker 10/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

Good reading

Tabitha replied...

Thank you for choosing me. It was a pleasure to speak with you.

rosanne 10/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

I liked her reading. She was tuned in and gave the facts.

Tabitha replied...

Hi, thank you so much, giving a clear and factual reading and not just some ethereal mumbo jumbo is so important. Thank you for trusting me with your time.

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