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Psychic Yana x9104

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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Years of Experience: 19

If you need to know the emotional core of a situation then Yana is the right person to assist you. Yana is a down to earth intuitive/emotional empath who has enjoyed being a spiritual counselor and emotional healer for 15 years. Her readings are honest, unique, informative, and sure to resonate with the emotional heart of any situation you are experiencing. Her goal is to empower her clients with information that will allow them to make the right decisions and choices for a fruitful life. Yana states that "honesty is the best policy" and she only conveys what she sees whether the finality is good or bad. No matter what the outcome, Yana delivers the message with sincerity and compassion.

Words of Wisdom

"If you lose who you are, then what do you have?" Brian Warner

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The Absolute Truth about Psychic Connections by Psychic Yana

15 November 2015

It would be great if we could guarantee that with every psychic reading we offer both you and the psychic advisor will have an instant connection 100% of the time. However reality is, there are several important reasons why you simply may not connect with one advisor or another. Psychic Yana breaks itall down to help you get the most out of every connection you make with Psychic Source! Continue Reading

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4½ stars (19 Most Recent Ratings)

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Featured Review 753201 2/18/2018 stars Chat Reading

I can only thank her for being honest. I read with her back last summer I went back to review my chat reading with her and she was 100% correct and honest. I wasted time and money because other advisors were either reading the energy wrong or telling me what I wanted to hear. I recently contacted her about a new person I was interested in she said he WONT step up and ask you out and she was 100 percent correct. I contacted a few more before her they stated OH yes he is interested and you guys will be going out soon. WRONG! YANA ROCKS TRUTH

753201 2/18/2018 stars Chat Reading

Yana I believe you are the only one who was right the guy I asked about never stepped up and I do believe your right he won't ask me out unless I ask him out. Which I won't be doing, thanks for reading him and I hope your right about J reaching out with contact. You have been the most accurate thus far thank you for your honesty.

Daffodil 2/18/2018 stars Chat Reading

What a great reading and advisor. She presented me with information rather than the other way around. Her guidance was well received and I would contact again for sure!

Phoenixmadonna78 2/11/2018 stars Chat Reading

A good and helpful reading. We had some trouble with the chat function itself however she remembered me from before and tapped right into our situation.

Hanibee 2/11/2018 stars Chat Reading

Yana, you are a true friend and psychic. You have never stirred me wrong. I wait for the weekends to chat with you so that I feel at ease and you give me hope and strength. You have been very patient with me. I truly appreciate that. Thank you as always.

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