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  • Specialties: Clairaudient, Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic, Energy Healing, Psychic Medium
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Reiki/Healing, Angel Cards, Crystals
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 10
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 5
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 16

More About Opal

Years of Experience: 11

Greetings beautiful souls my name is Opal, and I've been a psychic most of my life. I've been sharing my gift professionally for the past 10 years now. My gift is of hearing Spirit which is called clairaudience along with clairvoyance, mediumship, clairsentience, and claircognizance. I'm like a spiritual pharmacist; the spirit knows exactly which tool to utilize when needed. My readings provide you with clarity, empowerment, and guidance to the next step in your situation.

As a spiritual advisor, it is very important to listen in and focus on the energy that is being presented to me in order for me to assist you with the answers that your soul is seeking. You can expect to leave the reading feeling solid on the next decisions that you make knowing that you were guided by spirit and your highest self. The answers are truly all around us, I tune into the energies that are around you. I sometimes use tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, or crystals for guidance. However, the majority of the time I do not use any tools.

As a child, I would have dreams that would come true and know things about relatives that passed on. It was an interesting experience as I grew up in a religious setting. I love it when clients come to me and tell me that I confirmed exactly what I was feeling, or they would say, "that's exactly what they said." I'm giving Spirit a high-five because that indicates to me that we are tapping in very precisely on your situation. I may get names of people that have passed on or that spirit may want me to make you aware of. I'm a very compassionate reader and carry out all of my readings without any judgment. I love what I do and helping others achieve the best outcome for their lives and the surrounding lives. That's exactly why I do this professionally. My mottos' are the following: 1. Let's Get C.L.E.A.R Conscious Living Every Area Revealed and 2. F.E.A.R Feel Everything And Rise. We rise to the occasion every day and just for that alone, I am thankful.

Words of Wisdom

"May I be, this day, an instrument of love and healing." ~Marianne Williamson

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22 reviews since Aug 2022

Truthseeker123 1/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Opal was honest, accurate and straightforward. Great insight.

anon777 1/27/2023 stars Phone Reading

I loved my reading with her! her prediction from my first reading came true. the timeline was off but it did happen, which is way more important to me than getting the exact timing right. she read into my current situation well, and i feel that i can trust her upcoming predictions as well.

Rose Quartz 1/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

I was feeling her until she started blaming the other women. A person is going to do what they want regardless, you never blame the other woman for how a man is treating you. I expected more from a sister!

Opal replied...

Hi Sis, Thank You for leaving this wonderful feedback. I agree with you 100% however, you asked me to tell you what I saw and felt and that I delivered to you. There was interference with why someone was not communicating with you which you've confirmed yourself there was someone else in the picture. You wanted the truth Sister!

Jeanne63 1/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

I always love talking with Opal she's very sweet and very on point with the situations I've been asking. I hopefully want to see these things come to fruition. I do hope to connect with her again to get that answer of which person I'm actually going to end up with.

Opal replied...

Thank You so much Beautiful!

AngelaS 12/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

Opal was spot on with my situation. I feel so much relief after talking with her. I will look forward to communication with my person in March/April 2023! Opal repeated phrases and statements from my person and a mutual friend. Wow! Amazing to listen to. Thanks Opal. I will call you next month!

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