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  • Specialties: Energy Healing, Love Psychic, Career Psychic
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Angel Cards, Tarot

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Years of Experience: 37

With an incredible power and ability to ward off bad, it was my first thought at age two I had been visited by angels who told me to be strong throughout life and they would always be there and I have been forever blessed since because of them. They were right, I was going to need them throughout life so I loved them closer than a sister, and of course because of my family of sisters I became keenly aware of the female mind.

Seeking always spiritual things, was I ever perfect, no way and if you only knew. Craving honesty in all things I wanted to be a 'helper' since youth.  As a 2nd grader learning to read nothing would suit me more than the bible in it's many forms, I didn't find it's truths oppressive at all I found them delightfully disciplined, in which I needed discipline very much, like so many do.

Along with other cultural studies, including logic, math and philosophy I was a curious kid no doubt. Deemed a genius at an early age because of my thirst for knowledge and creativity combined and insight, I was uncomfortable being called 'special' or 'visionary' or 'smart' (big smiles) but so true.  I wanted to live up to what others felt was 'great in me but many times felt very short of the target myself'.  I wanted to help the world, join greenpeace and travel as a missionary and I was able to do some witnessing assisting others to find peace and loved being a teacher of honest, a lover of angels and goodness, others would come to me from an early age.

Age 14 I picked up the sword, lol when I queried the county news to allow me a teen column of my own called 'Teen Talk' so that I could give advice to my friends without them knowing it was me lol.  A behind the scenes advisor from an early age, my mother inspired me to seek more and would praise me continuously always. I am a quiet but authoritative voice in the way I teach. My gifts include manifestation of wealth and love, two powerful motivators and how to use your own gifts to have a magical life starting passing it along and helping others on our way to eternal happiness in a life hereafter.

I consider myself an expert, and I mean expert at relationship advice so come to me today with any question and let me help spiritually guide you to perhaps some new perspective or way of looking at the situation by delving deeper into the core issues of the other parties soul. I am an absolute "compassionate and an empath and intuitive, and wants nothing more than to give all of my own sage energy in my readings, so that you the caller feels super-charged after no matter what the circumstances.

I am not a medium or clairvoyant though I do feel we all have special powers in those regard most choose not to 'go there' or 'delve to deep' whereby others are clearly mediums and clairvoyant I do not consider myself as such. What I am is a spiritual life coach, a visionary who can sense and feel things and have learned how to honor that ability to it's fullest.

I also tap into my amazing maternal grandmother as a guide, who read non-stop romances, boxes of books filled her hallways, so her soul was one of 'romance and whimsey' in which I will forever be grateful for her lingering spirit with me throughout the days and nights now too. I feel my sole purpose is to help others in romantic situations, though I am also a keen business consultant too.

Where love is concerned, oh my, the power of true love, or the lack thereof either way can be exhausting so I claim insight on how to draw out someone who is already connected, and also how to 'let someone go' if need be. I prefer to be gentle in my approach on all matters and without question on the subject of love. I am a continuous researcher of a) finding peace and happiness b) case studies on mind connection and the mind body soul experiences.

Career Psychic - As a successful enterprise business consultant, I use my intelligence to visualize dreams into existence. On a practical note, you will recognize right away, in a career reading that I am familiar with nearly all business. Currently, a life coach and advisor her own successful career span back decades. Having made it through 1000 life situations I would love nothing more than to teach you every step that it took me on my road to success and to reach inside your own person, help you fine-tune an action plan for success based on what I see is possible for your future.

About Mackenzie "In her lifetime of religious and cultural studies, she's remained open-minded to our own 'individual truths' and teaches accordingly, not just loving but appreciating all people, all cultures, classes and ways of thinking, always non-judgemental. Able to answer your questions and offer accurate predictions and knows her career depends on it.

Today Mackenzie enjoys being a spiritual adviser, a degreed elementary teacher, expert business and career consultant, relationship/marriage, alcohol, drug, and grief counselor working on a social workers degree, and studies metaphysics. There isn't anything anyone faces that she can't see and feel and assist the caller to turn their own life around quickly, yes very quickly."

A sweet listener, her accurate predictions will keep you astounded and keep you coming back again for more. Mackenzie welcomes your contact and awaits your arrival to speak with her. Life-changing information awaits if 'you have no fear' and the ability and or motivation it takes to listen to the signs you are given, yes take actions on the signs and actually making any needed changes. Despite difficulties, it's important to seek and listen to the guidance that the Angels offer. After all, the angels were and still are 'gifted to us' - yes a wonderful, loving gift."

Words of Wisdom

"Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety." A Course of Miracles

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2235 reviews since Jan 2017

Featured Review arabee 6/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Mackenzie is amazing and picked up on many things that I didn’t mention. She was accurate on everything she said. I am waiting for her predictions to happen

Janice0812 6/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

awesome! so i seen a man in a store he was cute n guess what he was a chef on a cruise ship and in resorts in mexico lol anyway little young but he home now for his family issue wished him well thought u could use a chuckle right now … mayb this is the sign or things to come he now works at a friends pizza place until family issue settled …. i love italian food lol hang in luv ya

anasmt 6/7/2021 stars Chat Reading

Mackenzie is so kind! She was always honest through the reading and helped me understand a situation that had been bothering my mind lately. Thank you Mackenzie! I really do hope your predictions come true soon!

Cappy719 6/5/2021 stars Chat Reading

Great as always! I'im sorry I didnt have much time. I know a couple of questions i didnt have enough time to answer im on a very tight budget since my injury i will try to direct message you if you dont mind i love that you have never been judgmental with me i know my situation has been difficult but i know deep in my soul it has been worth fighting and waiting for even with all this pain.

Sk0000 6/2/2021 stars Chat Reading

Very fast connection, very fast replies as if she knew it.

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