Psychic Layla x3614

Psychic Layla x3614

Divine Life Guidance Coach

I'm available - until 7:00pm EST

  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Psychic Medium, Energy Healing
  • Tools: Tarot, Angel Cards, Reiki/Healing
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Love, Relationships & Family - 32

More About Layla

Years of Experience: 11

I have been an Intuitive Empath, Medium, and Psychic since birth. An Empath is in tune to their energetic field and can feel certain situations around them, having a sense of knowing of another person’s emotional feelings. In my later years I learned to understand the phenomenon beyond the Supernatural. I have been working with my gifts daily for the last 11 years, with instincts and abilities to help uplift you with the strength you have earned, and desired to design that you have the capability to know, and trust. I will help you be free from the words, assumptions, and conditions that stem from the ego. I have a broad range of guidance such as, how to create healthy balanced relationships, a creative environment for business, and another approach to accepting the physical reality to move forward from the conditioning you may want to release. 

I am open to giving guidance on how to heal toxic or broken relationships and is a firm believer that any kind of relationship can shift, change and release into transformation. There is a lot of work, acceptance, and patience needed with that and I understand this. I like to see the person’s energetic field to let you know if there is any unhealed energy with you and in the other partner’s life that is keeping them from feeling a sense of peace in love. This can also allow you to see maybe why patterns are arising in your current life. I will be direct and honest with you if I see that the relationship will sink. My guidance on love includes an appreciation of the "ego" and how the conditioning in a relationship can be transformed and released with emotional support and understanding. Timelines for when these situations will change can be a hit or miss, but I can help you see the bigger picture along the horizon with how the relationship can adapt into something that can be healed. If there is no healing I will let you know. I will help you along with your healing process and take you into a place where you can start to love yourself again.

I am also a Crystal, Usui, and Kundalini Reiki Master. I will use Tarot and Oracle cards in session with you, but I am able to provide guidance without the tools by feeling out the energy. I prefer to use Cards as a gateway for my guides to come in and give clarity on the situation. I do not sugar coat what the guides say, and will give you a direct answer, although it will not always be what you want to hear. It is always my goal to help in a way where you can feel the ease of energy in your emotional and physical reality instead of being attached to conditioning, ego, and fear. I also provide guidance on job, success, and manifestation coaching into the person you "want to be";giving guidance on how to deal with work environments that may seem to be unfitting or unhealthy. 

My guidance comes from the master Archangels: Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, and Prophet Malchezadeck. I am in tune and aligned with universal guidance from a higher knowing to help shape and transform reality. I am really excited to work with you, one to one, to get you to the goals you desire. 

Words of Wisdom

“Darkness can not drive out darkness: only light can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

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41 reviews since Jun 2020

Kingws 9/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is just wow!!! She answered everything I wanted to know and was as detailed as possible. If you value your time and money and want to enjoy a true reading, then she is the girl to connect with.

avril8080 9/22/2020 stars Chat Reading

I directly talked to my poi when I felt clear about what I wanted, without following psychic advices of giving him some time or waiting. (I think he would have reached out to me if I waited for another week, though). I can say that what Layla said was all accurate except only one thing. He is not dating the woman. But even for this one, her initial readings were all correct. Regardless of the accuracy, I would have appreciated the readings. But, I'm amazed. It is not that I was trusting all she said would be true (although I trusted they were what she truly saw/feel). Regardless, she allowed me to see the situation from a different angle/perspective. I was very confused because in my eyes he was a good/honest person but what he did/said didn't seem like that. I was about to interpret things negatively. But Layla showed me another way of understanding the situation and him, and it kept me from making a hasty conclusion/decision. The conversation with him verified that what she saw was accurate.

Pardeeamber210 9/22/2020 stars Phone Reading

I feel she was very in-depth and was able to see that there is something and it is just being blocked

avril8080 9/18/2020 stars Chat Reading

I liked talking to her. I don't know whether what she predicts will come to pass or not. But, I felt what she told me about the past and the present make sense. In addition, she was able to give me information at a level I wanted.

Amie13 9/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

The best! Thank you!

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