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Psychic Lana x6022

Psychic Lana x6022

Straight Forward Intuitive Tarot

4½ stars

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  • 463 since July 2023
  • Specialties: Energy Healing, Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic, Career Psychic
  • Tools: Reiki/Healing, Tarot, Numerology
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Lana

Years of Experience: 12

Greetings, dear souls! I am Lana, a spiritual advisor dedicated to illuminating your path with wisdom and compassion. With 11 years of experience as a psychic, I am here to provide guidance, support, and profound insights as you embark on your spiritual journey. Allow me to share a glimpse into my world and the values that shape my work.

Throughout my practice, I specialize in various realms, including career psychic readings, energy healing, intuitive empathy, and love psychic guidance. My mission as a spiritual advisor is to make a profound impact on people's lives, assisting them on their personal quests for growth, self-discovery, and transformation. I believe that by connecting deeply with my clients, I can help them find meaning and purpose in their lives.

When you seek a reading with me, expect to receive guidance, clarity, and insightful truth. I am here to shed light on your questions and life challenges, offering a compassionate and honest approach. Many clients have already experienced a connection to their own spiritual energy, and through our sessions, this connection can be deepened, leading to personal growth, expansion, and transformative shifts in beliefs, values, and perspectives.

To describe my personality in five words, I am empathetic, wise, caring, truthful, and compassionate. These qualities form the foundation of our connection, creating a safe space where you can express yourself openly and without judgment. My reading style can be best summarized by three words: compassionate, honest, and intuitive. I believe in delivering guidance with kindness and integrity, providing you with the insights that will empower you on your journey.

What sets me apart in this realm of advisors is the combination of tools and techniques I utilize. Through the art of Reiki channeling, intuitive/empath, energy healing, tarot, astrology, and numerology, I bring forth truth and clarity. These modalities serve as catalysts for personal transformation, offering glimpses into your potential, and delivering messages from the spirit realm. Together, we will uncover hidden strengths, overcome obstacles, and unlock your true potential.

For those seeking a deeper level of insight and fulfillment, I offer a fusion of tarot, astrology, and numerology. By prearranging a session with me, you will receive an in-depth exploration of your life, areas of concern, obstacles, and even insights into your partner's life. To prepare for this extensive reading, please message me your name, birthday, and areas of concern before our arranged call. This allows me to focus and provide you with the most accurate and profound guidance. Please note that this reading will take longer than just a few minutes, as it requires the time and dedication necessary to unlock your true potential.

Dear seeker, as we embark on this sacred journey together, know that I am here to support you, offering wisdom and compassion every step of the way. My purpose is to assist you in navigating the intricacies of your spiritual path, empowering you to embrace your true essence and find fulfillment. I am Lana, your wise and compassionate guide, ready to illuminate the path that leads to your highest potential.

With love and light, Lana

Words of Wisdom

"What was meant for you will never miss you, and that which misses you was never meant.”

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4½ stars

6 reviews since Jul 2023

llllllll 11/16/2023 stars Chat Reading


godblessing 10/12/2023 stars Chat Reading

Super detail!!!!! what an amazing reading thank you

Sailor1 10/4/2023 stars Chat Reading

Really enjoyed taking to Lana. Brought clarity to my situation and was very compassionate. Thank you Lana :)

Sdgraves06 9/17/2023 stars Chat Reading

I lost her so we couldn’t finish chatting and I didn’t get the chat emailed to me

mayarivera 8/28/2023 stars Chat Reading

thank you for your help

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