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  • Specialties: Clairsentient, Intuitive/Empath, Energy Healing
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Angel Cards, Tarot, Numerology
  • Reading Style: Wise

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  • Career & Finances - 38
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 32
  • Loss & Grieving - 17
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 95

More About Lacey

Years of Experience: 23

I am a clairsentient, energy healer with psychic abilities and can guide you on:

Numerology - In depth reports with one-to-one scheduled calls or chat.


Career advice

House clearing

Cord cutting and energy healing

Inner child and trauma healing

Meditation – Learn how to meditate and connect and realign your chakras.

I provide numerology reports which I discuss in a scheduled call. I can guide you on couple compatibility, your own forecast, your year forecast or a nine-year forecast. I can also guide you on your career and soul path. All that is needed is your date of birth, name, and surname.

I have over 20 years’ experience and love to help and guide others on their soul journey. I can read the energy for you regarding partners, times lines and if the person is meant to be in your future. I can also help you to work on your own inner healing to help and assist you to heal from the past and to send out the energy and vibration of what you want to attract for the future. Ready to move on? Let me assist you in cord cutting and setting yourself free. With this I always assist you with energy healing to support you on your life journey.

Regarding your career, I can help you to focus on the energy, to feel more confident and to help you attract what you want. I can read the energy regarding a company and if you are a perfect fit for a company. You need to be happy at the end and doing what you love is key. I can also give you a timeline projection and help you to lift your vibration, patterns, and energy you send out to attract what you want.

House clearing is very important, whether you are looking for a new home, just moved in or have been in a property for some time, house clearing is a very powerful tool. We need to clear the energies of the house, of others that lived there and the soil and land around. Often when homes are not sold it is because there is a contract between the owner and a home. When we clear and bless the house, we live in our own energy. This tool is something that we should be doing once a month. Our home is sacred, a space we need to ensure that the energy is cleared and balanced.

I love teaching meditation. This tool will help you ground but also heal your energy body to attract what you want for the future, heal from the past or to connect with your own inner being and soul. Over weekends, you can book a consultation to learn how to meditate – I will guide you and help you heal from the past and teach you along the way. So many times, we are looking for spiritual teachers and that is what I do. I teach others to see their own beauty, to see their own light and help you heal from the past so that the past does not determine your future. I also incorporate the chakras for those who want to learn more.

Trauma healing and inner child work – these 2 subjects are interlinked. I use meditation as a tool to work on the inner child and the healing from experiences of the past. I help and assist you on working on the pain and hurt you felt as a child that has manifested throughout your life journey. When we heal the inner child, we heal the past which means we heal the future. When we have been hurt in the past, not just in childhood, the root stems deeper, and we vibrate and energy that others can feel. Hence, why so many people will say – "Why do I attract what I do not want?" This is because you still vibrate on the frequency of the past and attract people in your space with the same vibration. When we heal the past, we change the vibration and start to attract what we want.

I am so looking forward to guiding and supporting you. Much love and light.


Words of Wisdom

“to say a thing 'must be', is the very power that makes it” Prentice Mulford

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121 reviews since Sep 2020

Featured Review Dreamer 7/14/2021 stars Chat Reading

Lacey was spot on and very much in tune with what you asked. Needed little information to go from and didn’t waste a second to respond. Very impressed with the level of professionalism. Will definitely return. Many sincere thank you’s Lacey

Lacey replied...

Heidi, it was so lovely to connect with you and so enjoyed our char reading. Thank you for being open and also allowing the energy to flow. It is always lovely to guide someone when they are open and ready. I have cleared the energy for you both. Much love and light. Look forward speaking with you soon.

meisocool 5/26/2023 stars Chat Reading

Lacey is my favorite advisor, every time when I looking for her she will be there with me and comfort my emotions. she can point out the problems directly with no sugar coat, fast and straight forward with clear understanding situation with reliable timelines. Lacey is easy to communicate and always provides warm advise, she is genuine and love to talk to her. Lacey will gives grounded solutions with pros & cons for me to ensure I am able to get her points. Last but not least, highly recommended and appreciated Lacey.

Tadicz 4/30/2023 stars Chat Reading

Very helpful and very caring lady.Thank you so much!

Lacey replied...

Such a blessing to guide and support you my dear, looing forward in speaking with you again. Many blessings x

Maryanne0610 4/23/2023 stars Chat Reading

Lacey is really good! I am astonished by her talent. She connected with me, described my situation and my partner accurately, and gave me a good advice on how to go on. She was also consistent with dates with other psychics. I left the conversation feeling way lighter. Thank you Lacey, with love !

PhoenixT 1/21/2023 stars Chat Reading

So compassionate and have me a lot of clarity! Thank you!

Lacey replied...

Ahhh bless my dear friend, so lovely always to connect and to be there for you. Glad you feel you got the clarity you needed yesterday. Always a blessing to guide you, you are on the right path. Big hugs xxx

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