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  • Specialties: Career Psychic, Love Psychic, Clairvoyant
  • Tools: Tarot, Can Read Without Tools, Crystals
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Ivy

Years of Experience: 5

It is an absolute pleasure to share my psychic gifts with you! I have been able to tap into my intuition and empathic gifts since childhood. I remember knowing facts and anecdotes as a young child about relatives who passed long before I was born and having an overall unique understanding of the universe early on. These were pieces of information I received through my gifts! It took me decades to recognize this as the beginning of my talents in communicating as a psychic.

My work as a psychic is focused first and foremost on helping you live your most authentic life. I do this work with the intention of facilitating healing and helping guide you to opportunities to grow. As someone who believes we truly create our own reality and destiny, I am focused on helping you understand how to apply free will in living your most aligned and at peace life. Do understand my commitment to this work is strong, and I can sometimes be direct. I will not allow you to justify harmful behavior you are receiving as something that has a higher spiritual meaning, or justify someone treating you poorly because they are your "twin flame," for example. It would be a huge disservice to you if I comforted you with lies, and I understand the truth can be disappointing, but the truth is the path to begin changing thoughts, actions, and behaviors to move forward. Helping you manifest aligned love and all-around happiness is much more my style!

Over the years, I have honed my skills by attending trainings that have shown me best practices in utilizing tarot and oracle cards, channeling techniques, past life regressions, animal symbolism, and numerology. My readings typically cover your current situation, with guidance on not only how the past and present factors into your future but focus on the actions and perspectives you can take in the situation to best serve you. Instead of giving you an overly simplistic response, I would rather provide the insight to guide you through the bigger picture, and a deeper level of understanding.

I love guiding clients in finding healing, growth, and purpose! This is the key reason I work as a psychic, and I cannot wait to chat with you!

Words of Wisdom

“It’s amazing the difference a bit of sky can make.” —Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

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4½ stars (26 Most Recent Ratings)

30 reviews since Nov 2020

Featured Review Cencen 2/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

I really didn’t understand what she was trying to tell none of it made sense but I only had 3 mins so there really nothing to be said in that amount of time

Ivy replied...

General readings tend to be best with at least five or ten minutes. If you are seeking a reading that is three minutes or less, having one or two very specific questions ready before the reading will make the best use of your time. I read based on the current energy around a situation, so if you are super clear on what you want to know in only two or three minutes, this will bring me the information more easily to share with you.

mintchocolatechip 2/22/2021 stars Chat Reading

was correct on contact but then her prediction wasn’t as sure the second reading

sebeav 2/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

Ivy was very good, though my time with her was short, she reassured me and allowed me to realize that I need to take a step back for my manifestations to come true. Would definitely come back to her and will update if my reconciliation happens, as we spoke about.

Peace369 2/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

accurate reading

amykatie10 2/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

Ivy was amazing! She picked up on my situation quickly and gave incredibly helpful and clear advice. I was really surprised by just how spot on she was, and the reading was extremely helpful. I’d definitely use her again for a love reading.

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