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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairaudient, Energy Healing
  • Tools: Tarot, Astrology, Reiki/Healing
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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More About Indigo

Years of Experience: 10

Hi, I'm Indigo! I have 10 years of experience doing psychic readings and astrology for clients. I'm a clairaudient empath & intuitive psychic, who reads tarot cards, as well as runes and other forms of cartomancy (namely lotería cards, poker cards, and oracle cards), in addition to my own homemade channeled message bibliomancy cards that deliver messages from Spirit via snippets from popular fairytales and children's literature.

My reading style is heartfelt and caring, and consists of calling in Spirit and your spirit guides to listen for guidance and messages that I relay to you, and those messages are clarified by the symbols and archetypes in the cards, runes, and any other visual tools I bring into the reading. From there, we seek guidance together with Spirit and your guides on matters pertaining to romance, family and friend relationships, workplace situations, career, and spiritual development and dream interpretations. In addition, using my empathic gifts, I can offer channeled messages from deceased loved ones, and for living loved ones in separation— such as long-distance couples. I am part of the LGBTQI+ community myself, and I can promise I will not be uncomfortable or awkward in a reading for same sex partners or anything like that.  

I can also read auras and chakras remotely in my mind's eye, without needing to physically see you (so you don't have to do a video chat if you don't want to), and I can use the cards to discover what is causing blockages and other issues with your spiritual energies, and seek guidance on what can help you with that. I am a reiki healer trained in Blue Fire Reiki healing methods (which utilizes both reiki and the blue fire Feri current, as well as some aspects of qigong, kundalini, breathwork / pranayama, alchemical energy healing, and traditional Usui reiki techniques), and I'm also trained in EFT tapping and the MIR method for energy healing. I offer energy healing remotely, and I can show you quick,  introductory, self-administrable healing techniques you can use on yourself at home. I can include energy healing at the end of a tarot reading upon request, or you can request a call, chat, or video chat just for remote energy healing.

Finally, I can also analyze birth charts, personal transit charts, synastry charts, and composite charts for astrology readings. I do NOT do progressed charts, and I do NOT do sun sign horoscopes, as I feel analyzing planetary transits to the whole birth chart offers more accuracy than horoscopes and progressed charts.

I hope to hear from you soon so we can get started on finding healing solutions for your highest good.  

Words of Wisdom

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”— Carl Gustav Jung

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21 reviews since Mar 2021

Featured Review spiritualady0818 7/4/2021 stars Chat Reading

Such a comforting experience during such a difficult time for me. She was able to connect with my POI.. and it was very easy for her to convey messages to me that were SPOT ON! I was able to get clarity on a lot of things. Nothing about the reading was her personal feelings. She explained in detail exactly what she saw and even gave me some additional info that the Spirit gave to her. Very informative, felt like I was talking to a friend that knew about things because I had told her only I didn't have to tell Indigo-she revealed things-that she could only know if she is the real deal and she is the real deal. Thank you Indigo so much for such an enlightening reading. You have become one of my favorites. I will be chatting with you again.

sjokay 8/28/2021 stars Phone Reading

I’m FLOORED. This woman told me things about me that she couldn’t have possibly known if she weren’t a psychic. For example, she was like “you and your person of interest could go get burgers…actually no because you’re a vegetarian.” WHAT? How did she know that!?? I’ve been a vegetarian for years. The entire reading was accurate!! She was very calming and reassuring. I recommend her before anyone else. Indigo will leave you speechless. She is gifted.

Realdeal81 7/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

Indigo is consistent with being able to provide a full and very revealing picture of what's really going on. She is completely transparent and honest and so far has been right with her predictions though she usually leaves predictions a little open. I don't call her for time lines, I call her for deep and hidden information many other advisors just can't find. She will unveil everything about a person, how they are feeling and what they are going through. She's compassionate if she has to tell you something you don't want to hear.

Realdeal81 7/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

Indigo finds hidden things that many advisors don't. She answers the question fully but also digs deeper and uncovers all kinds of secret things about the question or what the person really wants and thinks. I'm always very hesitant to reach out to a new advisor and usually don't, so finding her was really lucky. She's also very honest, kind and doesn't judge.

WinnieReading 6/27/2021 stars Phone Reading

June 27, 2021 With a minimum of information from me, Indigo gave a very detailed reading, showing great insight and psychological understanding of the person and situation I asked about. Everything she said made sense to me. I will be happy to talk with her again.

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