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  • Specialties: Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Intuitive/Empath
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 5
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Years of Experience: 9

Hello and welcome! I am a psychic medium with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities. I see myself as an empty vessel or hollow bone for Spirit to work through, a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. My favorite thing to do is translate messages from Spirit to their living loved ones because of the healing and hope that the readings provide. In a reading with me, if Spirit doesn't come through for you, I can give a picture reading instead where I can tap into the memories of the people and the earth in order to give clarity and comfort.

As a child I had predicative dreams, and thought they were normal to have and that everyone else had the same sort of dreams and inner knowing and would discuss the dreams and information freely. In 2013, I discovered that I could give picture readings, and in 2015 discovered that I have been chosen to communicate messages from those in spiritual form who have passed on, and have been doing so ever since. I don't use any tools aside from preparing myself to get out of my own way, to get out of my own mind and egoic concerns, in order to connect with Spirit. I see this as emptying myself of myself, in order to have the space to hear, see, and feel Spirit. I simply translate what is being told or shown to me, or what I am being made to feel, with the help of my guides and ancestors.

Additionally, I have experience as a soul midwife or death doula. I also have experience and higher education in the field of psychology, trauma recovery, and spirituality. In addition, I have experience with spiritual emergence/crisis counseling training, as well as a shamanic counseling. I can help with existential concerns and worries, with feelings of grief or anxiety over the passing of loved ones, with soul retrieval after trauma, with spiritual awakening concerns or confusions, and with psychology and childhood wounds, in general. I am heavy with the Jaguar medicine of integrity and compassion and will deliver the truth to you directly from Spirit, however it is relayed to me, trusting that Spirit knows more about things than I (or we, humans) ever will.

In a reading with me, if a departed loved one comes through for you, I will prioritize their message for you over your question(s) for me, as the messages from those who've crossed over are important for them to share with you. This may start off by me asking you if you are familiar with a certain name that I'm hearing, or a visual description of who I am seeing. I am honored to be able to help others in this way and hope to be able to be of help to you, too.

Words of Wisdom

My purpose in this world is to be a midwife to the soul; a bridge between material and spiritual.

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16 reviews since May 2022

MMRNLove 9/20/2022 stars Chat Reading

Our connection was lost sadly due to my technology, but the short time we had was great. She’s my go to lady, I always leave our chats feeling more grounded and with more clarity.

bosoxgal25 9/16/2022 stars Chat Reading

Amazing with lots of information! Thank you Freya!!!

Flygirl 9/16/2022 stars Chat Reading

LOVE Freya! Her way of looking at situations is so different, and enlightened. Unfortunately I think today's connection might've been "off" a bit. He did end up messaging me, and we are talking again on Monday. There are going to be unexpected challenges, but I am taking your words to heart, and loosening the grip... and letting go of what the outcome should be. Thank you for your support!! xoxo

Freya replied...

Hey there. I reviewed our chat transcript and want to point out that I said “as of this moment, he has not made the decision to reply…doesn’t want to think about it right now” etc. Fingers crossed though, that everything works out the way you hope it will. Best of luck to you. xo

Flygirl 9/4/2022 stars Chat Reading

She knew... she knew everything. I've been going through a time where I was questioning how to move forward, and struggling between logic and faith when it comes to a specific relationship. I was drawn to Freya... and she did not disappoint. In fact I went back later, with additional questions. She didn't feed me a fairytale, but rather reminded me of my lessons in this situation and the things that I need to take and work on, which allowing things to flow as they need to. Freya, thank you so much for your words today. While it wasn't exactly what I expected, it was exactly what I needed. I went and reviewed the video you recommended... and you were spot on. I've forgotten ... time to step back, set intention, and let go. THANK YOU!!! I will definitely be back!!! xoxo

Freya replied...

Goosebumps....thank you for letting me know! I hope to connect with you again :) xo

MMRNLove 8/19/2022 stars Chat Reading

OKAY, so I’ve connected with her 3x’s now, twice in one day because our connection got lost due to my phone and just now. I CANNOT say how wonderful she is, personally and with her gifts. Currently going through a lot of life changes and she listens with respect to my rambling. She saw the blue house we’d close on before touring houses. She’s connected with my loved ones to share messages. All I can say is she’s SO gifted. Her energy spills of warmth and experience beyond her youthful years. Thank you Freya.

Freya replied...

Wow. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to help and really happy for you and yours to settle into that cute house.

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