Psychic Felicity x4674

Psychic Felicity x4674

Intuitive Empath


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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairvoyant, Energy Healing
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Tarot, Angel Cards
  • Reading Style: Direct

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More About Felicity

Years of Experience: 36

For over 30 decades and counting, I help countless people in all walks and areas of life claim, reclaim, or transform their life journey in wonderful ways. This growth happens through working with me one-on-one over time.

My repeat clients come back because of my gifts, interpretive tools, reading style, and they know that will hear the truth of the interpretation in a clearly articulated story, sprinkled ever so lightly with sincere expressive and direct communication, metaphor, and imagery. My repeat clients experience shifts in old thinking patterns, clear baggage off their life path, and reconceptualize who they are - getting to the authentic self through clearing away cobwebs of residual past energies. My clients always leave inspired and ready to tackle anything to create a productive life journey. 

My gifts allow me to sense messages about you and/or the situation even before engaging my arsenal of interpretative tools. These sense messages come out disjointed in images, metaphors, and direct messages. Sometimes these messages some in clearly articulate flood of information, a download so to speak. At times these sense messages may be perceived as lacking in surety. Believe me these messages are clarified and expanded by interpretative tools and my psychic giftings.

I use a variety of tarot decks, oracle cards, Angel cards, and symbolon cards to explore and clarify meanings and questions that emerge. My seeing and interpretative tools also include, Runes, Numerology, and the Crystal Ball. I do Aura and Chakra/Energy Readings and Cleansing (Spiritual Healing). My spirit guides direct me to the correct tools and interpretation based your needs or questions. My guides get straight to your point. Sometimes, though, it is a point that they believe you need to know before getting to your current situation. No matter what, be assured, my gifts are to help reinforce empowerment, resilience, as well as to heal, inspire, and encourage you! I also do Dream Interpretation.

From a young age, I was dipped deep into the psychic ocean to become the intuitive empath I am today. I observed my mother reading playing cards for family and friends. She was an intuitive empath who drew on deep intuitive insights provided to her by what she termed the universal life force - vibrational energies with positive and negative frequencies that affect all life. Through the playing cards, my mother bought insights, guidance, and inspiration. I told her that I wanted to help people in that way. She said to sit real quiet to feel and hear that force and grow my intuitive powers to use the cards to heal.

Over the years, I realized I was also an empath and honed the ability to tap into deep intuitive ancestral knowledge and the universal life force. The universal life force connects all beings to this earth, to each other, and to spiritual dimensions and situates at our core divinity. As an intuitive empath, I sense these force, dimensionality, feelings, and emotions that are clarified through my interpretive tools. By the way, don't expect me to give you the instruction book interpretation of the cards. The context those instructions emerged is far away from the moment of understanding between you and me. Your messages are based on your situation with messages that are fresh that from the source of life.

Keeping it real. I do have limitations. I am not gifted to find lost objects. I cannot give a substantive reading or answer several questions in three-five minutes no matter how much I want. I not a gifted astrologist. My purpose is clear and I stay in my lane. My goal is to use my gifts and tools to be of healing and inspirational assistance in your life journey. I strive to keep our session uniquely safe and comfortable for both of us so I can give you the best reading possible.

This on-going psychic collaboration will require some insight from you to truly achieve your dreams!  Call, chat or video me today, or make an appointment for a deep dive 30-60 minute reading at 4674.


Words of Wisdom

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” Alan Moore

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14 reviews since Feb 2021

Featured Review win1804 4/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

We battled a bit ....but she is highly ACCURATE...she was able to solve my mystery with a high degree of accuracy.

Felicity replied...

We battled. That is funny. I loved your session! Interesting and innovative questions. Thank you for your affirmation. Namaste' Felicity 4674

delaine0818 5/3/2021 stars Chat Reading

Did not feel any connection

Felicity replied...

Alicia, this is just sad. I can empathize with not feeling a connection to another. A great way to deal with this type of situation is as soon as you don't feel the connection, stop the reading politely. Establishing that link is critical and its virtually impossible to form a connection with every client. However, I'm sure you found another Psychic Source psychic who works phenomenally with you. Lots of Love and Light! Felicity 4674

Fr3ydom 4/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you!

Felicity replied...

Such kind words. You are most welcome!

Linda5925 4/19/2021 stars Chat Reading

Said I may get to keep the house but she was very short. I know I’m emotional right now and I didn’t connect with a reader with compassion.

Felicity replied...

You deserve compassion. In retrospect, I may have needed a night off. Thank you for pointing out that working tired does impact effectiveness. Be Blessed! Felicity 4674

BJ-Taurus 4/17/2021 stars Phone Reading

Not a great reading at all. The way she described me did not seem like she was picking my energy at all.

Felicity replied...

I am so sorry you were not satisfied. I sincerely wish your concern was voiced sooner to afford time to explore other readers. Lots of Light and Love, Felicity 4674

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