Psychic Dakotah x4704

Psychic Dakotah x4704

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  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Energy Healing, Intuitive/Empath
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools

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Years of Experience: 28

Hi, my name is Dakotah, and I’m here to help you overcome the obstacles in your life. I arrived on Earth with the goal of making life for humanity a safer and more loving experience. When combined with your collaboration, my knowledge and support assure that you will find it easier to attain the freedom, sovereignty, love, and happiness you desire.

Your wellbeing is always my priority. I understand that we are all one, and where there is suffering in one of our hearts, minds, or bodies, there is suffering in all. My strongest desire and goal is to assist you in your reawakening. Once awake, you can quickly rise to your full potential. You will revel in joy as you awaken to your internal powers, watch your anxieties fall away, and marvel as your experiences reflect radiance in all aspects of your life.

When I am in service to you, I utilize many powerful gifts. My gifts are without limit. These gifts include clairvoyance (the ability to perceive the past, present, future, and beyond), clairaudience (hearing what is inaudible), clairsentience (feeling into a situation to uncover significant information), and claircognizance (the ability to know the unknown without prior knowledge). I rely heavily on my gifts to remote view, speak telepathically to your higher and future selves, speak with animals and departed loved ones, travel out-of-body to identify your needs, and more.

I utilize tools such as timeline adjustments, energetic and light matrix modifications, quantum attunements, and more to bridge the gap between what you experience and what you so desperately desire.

Even though I am adept at reading Tarot Cards, using Numerology, and reading Names, I prefer not to use these tools and methods because, after extensive experience in the quantum realms, I have come to the understanding that these tools lock us into pre-established systems of limitation and control that are unnecessary and can easily become burdensome.

During our time together, I gather higher-level insights from various multidimensional sources, such as the Akashic Records, the Living Library, and multidimensional beings (beings who are conscious of more than one dimension). These beings include your future self, my higher self, angelic forces, guardian angels, departed loved ones, spirit animals, ascended masters, extraterrestrials, and galactic councils.

I will present the information I receive in the quickest and purest way possible. I do not censor the information and deliver all messages and available *attunements with the highest integrity.

Over time, through your growth and enlightenment, you too can strengthen your own abilities and learn to hear these vital, life-affirming messages from your own trusted sources.

*Please note that extra "available attunements" (ex. Energetic upgrades, psychic implant removals, etc.) are done only with your permission.


EVERY PERSON who speaks with me will automatically receive general frequency attunements and enter into a “space of purity," where they will have the opportunity to attune to higher frequencies within their own energetic matrix.

My connection to this work joined my body the moment I took my first breath. Before birth, I clearly remember being on the other side and understanding that humanity’s most significant potential lies in our ability to remain in our awakened spiritual state. The open communication I experience between all realities allows me to connect with you, which allows us the ability to master our humanity and regain control of those things that appeared to be mystical and miraculous.

Words of Wisdom

“Sometimes, diving into the unknown is the most powerful way forward.” -Dakotah

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1 reviews since Apr 2021

virgo915 6/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

what a lovely soul! She was accurate at expressing his souls nature. unfortunately i was seeking a different type of reading, a little more specifics to the situation that allowed me to feel like she was connecting to it. if you are seeking a more esoteric reading on soul energy shes your gal. i like specifics and details so perhaps not a fit for me but i'm sure great for another, blessings

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