Psychic Bee x4811

Psychic Bee x4811

Tarot Therapist


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  • Specialties: Career Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive/Empath
  • Tools: Tarot, Angel Cards, Numerology
  • Reading Style: Wise

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Years of Experience: 1

I am a healer!  I have always been a healer in some fashion or facet of my life.  It took me some time to completely own and accept my gifts, but now, I own my gifts proudly!  My journey into becoming a psychic, or an intuitive, began with me taking the first step to healing myself.   I hit rock bottom.  I lost everything... my children, my career, my house, my cars.  Everything that I had worked so hard to build, came crashing down!  And all  because I was broken and unhealed.  You hear about these types of stories on television, but never expect them to happen to you!   And it wasn't until I made the decision to heal myself, because I was tired of the hurt, pain, disappointments, and all the emotions that made my world come crashing down in the first place,  and truly began my journey to healing,  that I stepped into my true power as a psychic.   I truly found myself when I realized that   I am able to not only heal and help myself, but I am able to use my gifts to heal and help others! 

 I use a combination of tarot therapy, gratitude, uplifting affirmations, directly channeled messages, connection with ancestors, spirit guides, and angels to provide the guidance and messages you need to help you  navigate the obstacles and challenges that we all face in everyday life!  My goal is to provide assistance with every day questions and issues, and to provide helpful insights into your personal healing as well as any blocks that may be interfering with your healing process.  I enjoy speaking with and helping people to realize and become the most authentic and truest version of themselves. And it will be my pleasure to share my light and healing energy with you!  I am truly grateful for the experience of reading for you!  So thank you, truly, in advance! 

Words of Wisdom

My goal is to show up as my most authentic self, every day, and to help you do the same! I am here to spread as much love, light, and positive energy and guidance to all who come across my path! Let's live every day as your best day...Together!

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