Psychic Aria x4719

Psychic Aria x4719

Empathic Manifestor


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  • Specialties: Career Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
  • Tools: Angel Cards, Reiki/Healing, Tarot

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Years of Experience: 8

Where are you now? Where do you wanna be? 

Have you ever heard of "Law of Attraction?" Basically, your thoughts become your reality. You have manifested everything and everyone around you- the "good" and the "bad." Don't like what you see? Let's change it.

With my readings I go into the energies on a deeper level, channeling what spirit has to say to you. I am very blunt (as spirit does not have a filter) and like to get to the point straight away. I have made people cry in readings- by them laughing or by telling them what they really need to hear. As I step into your energy my body becomes your body, and I physically feel where your mindset is. I have several different tarot decks I use and get guided to different decks depending on how your energy feels around a question. The way the cards fall out is truly entertaining sometimes!

As I read for you, I will teach you about the correct steps you can take to embrace and personalize manfestation into your own technique. Believe it or not, not everyone manifests the same way! So be sure to take notes!

I am also a reiki master, so if there is any healing or shifting of energies within you that needs to be take place, I will do so.

I truly believe I can help you on a deeper level. My readings are 5D, which means I not only go into what is currently happening, but why they are happening and how to shift the energies into your favor.

What you don't change, you choose. Choose to be happy, and choose to change your reality.

Words of Wisdom

"What you don't change, you choose."

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