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Psychic Agnes x4994

Psychic Agnes x4994

Intuitive Astrologer

4½ stars

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  • 1,116 since June 2023
  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Intuitive/Empath, Clairvoyant, Pet Psychic, Clairaudient
  • Tools: Astrology, Tarot, Angel Cards, Can Read Without Tools, Numerology
  • Reading Style: Wise

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  • Career & Finances - 5
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 4
  • Loss & Grieving - 1
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 8

More About Agnes

Years of Experience: 6

Greetings! I am Agnes, a dedicated and compassionate psychic advisor with over five years of experience in guiding individuals on their life journeys. My areas of expertise include love psychic readings, intuitive insights, empathic understanding, clairvoyance, pet communication, and clairaudience. I employ various tools such as astrology, tarot cards, angel cards, and numerology to enhance my readings, although I am also capable of providing insightful guidance without relying on any specific tools.

I have chosen this path as an advisor to assist others in unraveling the meaning and purpose of their existence and to support the collective as we collectively ascend to our highest timelines. It brings me immense joy to offer clarity, understanding, hope, and support to those who find themselves in times of confusion, grief, and sorrow. My goal is to empower individuals by providing them with the tools they need to make informed decisions and navigate their lives with confidence.

If I were to describe my personality in five words, I would say I am positive, honest, encouraging, efficient, and supportive. These qualities form the foundation of my approach as a psychic advisor. I believe in the power of honesty and transparency, delivering my insights with compassion and empathy. I understand that life can present us with challenges, and my role is to help you find the silver linings, discover your inner strength, and move forward on your path with renewed purpose.

My reading style can be summarized in three words: thorough, tangible, and honest. I delve deeply into the energies surrounding your situation, providing comprehensive and insightful guidance. I strive to make my readings tangible, offering practical advice that you can apply to your daily life. My commitment to honesty ensures that you receive the most accurate information and guidance possible, even if it may be challenging to hear at times. I believe that honesty is the key to personal growth and transformation.

What sets me apart from others is my unique background as a third-generation psychic reader combined with my experience in social work and service support. This multidimensional perspective allows me to offer a holistic approach to reading, understanding the complexities of the human experience and the challenges we face. Furthermore, I work closely with the stars on a daily basis, utilizing the wisdom of astrology to help individuals align with their highest potential and create their best lives.

It is essential for my clients to know that while I find great value in using your birthday, birth time, and location to provide detailed destination readings, I firmly believe that the future is not set in stone. We all possess the power to shape our destinies through the choices we make and the frequencies we align with. My role is to guide you towards the most favorable outcomes, but ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

As you embark on your journey towards self-discovery and growth, I am here to offer my unwavering support. Together, we can illuminate your path, uncover hidden opportunities, and cultivate a future filled with abundance and fulfillment. Remember, in times of doubt, confusion, or grief, I will be your beacon of hope, providing you with the clarity and understanding you seek.

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your transformative journey. Together, let us create a life that resonates with your highest purpose and joy.

Words of Wisdom

Astrology is the blueprint and coding your personal matrix; Let me show you the stars of your soul.

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4½ stars

16 reviews since Jun 2023

Featured Review Melly28 10/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

For just 10 min it was very insightful and ALOT of information with specifics. She truly has a gift! Tthank you Agnes!!

Marilyn80 5/12/2024 stars Phone Reading

Agnes tells it like it is and I appreciate that! She kept it real and had detailed answers. Very easy to talk to. Thank you!

Heavenleigh 4/10/2024 stars Chat Reading

Agnes is an astrologer and so she consulted her charts using DOBs of the significant parties. I think more harm than good came out of the session. I was told that in a previous life that I was enemies with my daughter. How would you like to be told that? There is karmic work that has to be done in this lifetime to move forward. This may be so but I was given a lot less hope to rectify an important relationship in this lifetime. She suggested therapy for both of us which we tried but to no avail. Her other suggestion is for me to respect my daughter's boundaries. What about my boundaries? I was left with not a whole lot of hope to count on.

wanda1 3/4/2024 stars Chat Reading

You are a kind person and your patience makes me feel like you are professional with love attached. That's what makes you successful all 5 star feedback

Christ2004 2/18/2024 stars Phone Reading


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