New Tori Spelling Interview about Seeking Psychic Career Guidance

4/25/2016 10:00:00 AM

Langhorne, PA – You might think a successful actress, producer, writer, designer, wife and mother would be giving career advice, not getting it. In fact, acclaimed actress and entrepreneur Tori Spelling said in an interview last week that she often consults psychics about career decisions. She also advised anyone else facing career questions to consider consulting a psychic.


“Some directions that I was taking in my career path ended up happening based on psychics’ predictions,” said Miss Spelling, who is also the spokeswoman for Psychic Source, the most respected psychic service since 1989. “There were things that maybe I hadn’t thought of that they saw in my future that actually happened,” she added.


In her numerous personal and professional roles, Ms. Spelling continually faces important career and life decisions. And as her millions of fans know, she does not hide the fact that even someone so multi-talented and successful can benefit from the wisdom, insight and forecasts of professional psychic advisors.


“Ms. Spelling has succeeded in so many areas of her life, yet she’s not afraid to admit that she sometimes asks for help from professional psychics,” says Psychic Source Marketing Director Maryanne Fiedler. “It’s that honesty and down-to-earth attitude that has earned her so many fans and followers, and it’s what makes the perfect partner for Psychic Source.”


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