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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of December 10th, 2018

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Mercury returns to Sagittarius this week, post retro - the communication planet is coming back the point at which the retrograde began (Wednesday, December 12 Mercury Enters Sagittarius). The cobwebs clear away from our thinking and life moves on with singular purpose. Mercury influenced by Sagittarius reminds us that we can experience our feelings. Live each day fresh and in touch with your heart. Life is made more precious by each emotion we experience, so indulge and let nothing important be forgotten.

Expect to discover empathetic connections with the people who matter most when the Moon, Mars, and Neptune connect in Pisces. You may welcome a beautiful opportunity in the form of a cooperative, spiritual, and evolving friendship. Or you could attract a mystical encounter that enhances understanding and insights on many levels.

Sunday, December 16th, alluring Venus makes a beneficial Sextile to careful Saturn. When Saturn and Venus interact, there’s a tendency to guard our feelings. Saturn holds power in this Sextile, requiring a wake-up call, demanding transparency in relationships. Focus on how to work on a connection and know how to invest in partnerships.

Stern Saturn rewards over time; when love enters your life, it is authentic, profound and lasting. Regrettably, Saturn can point to our fear, and the emotional Moon in Aires forms a challenging angle, we may feel alone or unlovable. To navigate, we must recognize the good in our lives. If the Moon -Saturn Square has you feeling unappreciated or impatient, remember that this is temporary.

A lot is happening this week, check in with your Psychic Source advisor and learn how you can harness the Venus energy, for Venus, sparks creativity, encouraging us to find solutions and work harder at making love last. Clarity awaits: Call Psychic Source for answers to your most important questions.

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