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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of November 19th, 2018

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Get ready for dramatic changes! This week, the action planet Mars confronts expansive Jupiter in a challenging square (Monday night), intensified by the Aires Moon square Pluto. Mars represents independence and passion, while Jupiter expands all it touches. The Moon is an emotional mechanism of response, connecting thoughts, and desires. Pluto is about self-discovery and transformation; it deals with extremes and likes to dig deep, sometimes when we're not looking, and often when we're unprepared. Even the most moderate encounters can become surprisingly passionate.

Thursday, November 22nd The Sun departs Scorpio’s deep, mystic water for wise and warm mutable fire of Sagittarius. The archer points to expansive good spirits, and a heart full of bold, bright ideas. We feel lucky and ready for the next adventure.

Friday, November 23rd, the Full Moon in Gemini infers a complicated, restless enthusiasm; we're more responsive to the emotional climate and vividly aware of the other people's feelings. The Moon is always Full in the sign opposite the Sun, this month it is in Sagittarius, the adventurer- teacher. People feel more adaptable and communicative; motivated to live and let live and release the small stuff for another less chaotic day.

Saturday, November 24th, Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces. Neptune, the nebulous ruler of Pisces, is the planet of truth and lies, and a higher resonance of the romance planet Venus. Uncertainty in recent weeks may have caused misunderstandings. Frustration, confusion, and restlessness have been meddling companions. When Neptune stations Direct the truth surrounding a confusing situation begins to emerge. We move forward with greater compassion and clear understanding.

A lot is happening this week; Mars Square Jupiter, Neptune stations direct. The Sun changes signs, and the Moon is Full. Harness this fresh, positive energy, push past your limits and make things happen! Call Psychic Source for in-depth Astrological insights and clarity.

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