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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 21st, 2018

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week, Mercury makes a beneficial sextile to imaginative Neptune. Communication improves, and It's easy to connect with the ones you love. The sextile plays a reconciling role between Taurus and Pisces, expressing extraordinary caring. Taurus grounds Mercury, allowing a more affectionate, creative path to emerge. The challenge may be in applying our potential, as nebulous Neptune leaves us slightly confused, however thoroughly in love's embrace.

Alluring Venus opposes careful Saturn when the weekend arrives. Venus in Cancer promotes a more contemplative, romantic vibration. The hard edges of reality blend into gentle harmony. Saturn in Capricorn is concerned with boundaries, the obligations of daily responsibilities get in the way. You may feel detached and a little lonely under this transit. Seek balance and give your attention where it's most needed.

The Moon, the emotional mechanism of response, influences on multiple levels. We feel the energy subliminally. Sunday, May 26 the Moon in Scorpio Trines Venus and Neptune, and is conjunct Jupiter. The reconciling power of the Trine points to an opportunity for love. Old love, new love, more profound understanding. Transits take place on multiple levels. We feel the energy subliminally.

Venus is the love, and Neptune a higher resonance of the same, lucky Jupiter expands all that it touches. Perhaps this brief transit may free you from the heartache of lost love, and at the same time, it could reunite old flames. Reunion, transformation, or closure – Scorpio helps you look more in-depth than you thought possible.

However nuanced or brief, the energy is changing, and much is happening this week. Open your heart the possibilities and embark on your personal best journey with a reading from Psychic Source!

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