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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of February 22, 2021

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

Waves of calm, romantic potential arrive this week. We are officially past the Mid-Winter Mark. Venus moves into Neptune's creative domain bringing waves of peaceful, romantic potential. Mercury is no longer retrograde; it is stabilizing gradually and will enter Pisces on March 9. And the weekend Virgo Full Moon is supported by innovative Uranus in Taurus.

Early Thursday morning, graceful Venus moves into Neptune-infused Pisces, providing greater compassion all around. Exalted in the twelfth house of dreams, Venus suggests that love is the purpose of our evolutionary process. Use this energy to call in connections that awaken a higher self-awareness and manifest passion and devotion.

Love blooms all around, and it is more authentic, heartfelt, and lasting. To embrace the positive flow, we can take a personal inventory, acknowledge the good in our lives and release repudiating self-talk before Saturday's Full Moon.

Visualize the changes that we would like to create and manifest during the Virgo Full Moon. The Moon- Pisces Sun opposition signifies the healer's role in our relationships and personal lives.

The emotional Moon offers supportive energy. Now is an ideal time to transform your love nest. Get creative with design as you organize and create a picture-perfect retreat for romance.

There's so much happening this week. Venus is changing signs, followed by a magnificent Full Moon in Virgo. Take a moment to let the good vibrations sink in. Trust your intuition and call Psychic Source for insight and fine-tuning.

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