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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of July 16th, 2018

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

The Moon’s transits are so brief that few people take notice of them. We don’t expect short-lived lunar activity to make significant changes in our way of thinking, yet these short transits trigger events indicated by the outer planet moving.

The week of July 16 begins with the Monday morning Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo. There are very particular social implications with the combination; the Moon affects your intuition and emotions while Venus offers graceful support to relationships, especially friendships.

Wednesday's Libra Moon-Mars (Retrograde) Trine allows outworn ideas regarding blame and fault to slip away as acceptance grows and matures. The likelihood of romantic fantasy increases, however, so does the possibility for real and lasting love. Focus on supportive, compassionate ideas. Above all be kind.

Friday, the Moon in Scorpio is in a challenging aspect to Retrograde Mars in Aquarius. The emotional overload from the Moon in fixed Water at a hard angle to Retrograde Mars can feel like a tight leash on a lover not yet ready to commit. Conversely, you may find feel like running when a new interest is moving too fast. Knowing when to relax, set boundaries or let things grow organically is imperative.

Saturday the Sun moves into sassy, bold Leo and a fresh start can begin right away. Leo is the Rock Star of the Zodiac, those born under this sign are confident leaders, and fearless risk takers. In Leo, the Sun moves into its home space, presenting us with a world of opportunities, reminding us of our playful, passionate nature.

A Retrograde cycle grants an opportunity to slow down and re-trace our steps. When planets station Direct, the areas touched by the retrograde phase tend to stabilize. Currently, Mars is traveling Retrograde through Aquarius (opposing the Leo Sun) and Mercury is in the shadow of a coming Retrograde which begins July 26. Allow this valuable quiet phase to be a time for self-learning and healing as you prepare now for the usual Mercury Retro delays and confusion.

A lot is happening behind the scenes this week. Ongoing Mars Retro and the Sun ingress Leo. Is he looking only for a booty call? Is she ghosting you? Sometimes you need to sort it all out with someone who understands and cares. Get answers today - call Psychic Source!

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