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Week of August 15, 2022

The week of August 15 begins with a helpful Mercury - Uranus Trine. Happy surprises! Midweek, Venus in Leo makes a generous Trine to Jupiter in Aries. Venus and Jupiter are fortunes or benefics, meaning the planets can effortlessly attract opportunities. Later in the week, Mars, departing sensual Taurus, pushes forward into expressive Gemini, driving a powerful energy shift. The overall mood is playful and fun.

The location of Mars in your natal chart ultimately determines your assertion style, and the same goes for its transits. Mars transits influence the collective, while your natal Mars placement sets a unique tone throughout your lifetime. Now that Mars is journeying through the Zodiac, it's wise to view Gemini's house of rulership on your birth chart, as this is where Mars will soon be blessing you with a burst of vitality and enthusiasm.

Mars enters Gemini Saturday, August 20. We may feel a little scattered for the first few days of the change as fiery Mars ignites Gemini's passion, introducing exciting new activities and options. Mars can be a bit single-minded, yet brilliant Gemini can teach this old warrior some new tricks.

Mars aspects play out in the collective but also in your personal life. Anger, represented by Mars, could be diffused or misdirected. We might misread another's motivation and cause some mental stress. Mercury moves much faster than Mars so it will exit this situation within a few days.

Sunday, August 21, Mercury in meticulous Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Neptune symbolizes peacemaking and self-sacrifice, and Mercury suggests clear and truthful communication. The opposition's challenge is that we need to reconcile the qualities of both planets to create balance. Sometimes, it will be challenging to connect our wants and needs. We may feel a lack of self-confidence, worrying about rejection. Once we find our center and balance the energy, it is easier to connect with our hearts and express our needs in productive ways.

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