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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of October 11, 2021

The week of October 11 - 17 begins with the sentimental Moon shining in resolute Capricorn. Emotions are intense but contained; Capricorn is wonderfully honest and trustworthy; the energy rewards over time.

Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning, the Capricorn Moon is in a challenging square to the planets gathered in Libra. We may temporarily feel unappreciated or impatient. To navigate, we must recognize the many good things in our lives and loves.

Midweek, lovely Venus in Sagittarius makes a restorative Sextile to careful Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn rules the environment, and the subconscious supports systems in our life, and it holds power in this Sextile. We tend to guard our feelings when Saturn and Venus interact. Focus on how to work on a connection and know how to invest in partnerships.

Sunday, Retrograde Mercury in Venus-ruled Libra through the end of the month, makes a helpful aspect to Venus in adventure-loving Sagittarius. It's re-set energy at its finest. We'll feel supported as we make healthy changes. Healing happens when we begin taking back our power from toxic situations or people who left us feeling otherwise depleted. Release negative self-talk and try some new love and life affirmations.

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