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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of January 17, 2022

The week of January 17 starts with the Full Moon in Cancer, illuminating our need to offer and accept love. It's a Moon for manifesting and one under which we can meet and greet our inner child, indulging our hopes as we continue to honor our resolutions for healthy changes.

Monday, January 17, the Full Moon in Cancer. Here we feel greater sensitivity and emotional strength. The collective focus is on the home, family of origin, and our created families—romance centers on quiet conversations and gentle, sincere connections. Caring relationships grow stronger, and new relationships gather steam.Lunar ruled Cancer is cardinal water, persuasive and persistent; it will wear rock away over time. Romance centers on quiet dinner conversations, candlelight, gentle, sincere connections. Loving relationships will grow stronger.Tuesday, January 18, Uranus Stations Direct. Revolutionary Uranus spent most of last year in awkward aspect to Saturn. The series of Squares were transformative, and we've learned to release and start again.Saturn addresses the structure in our lives, while Uranus presents like a lightning bolt, eliciting a desire for personal and world change expressed through individuality. Clear, bright ideas form, and healthy solutions manifest. The vibration is confronting, ultimately freeing, and for many, thoroughly uplifting.Wednesday, January 19, the Sun enters Aquarius. For the next few weeks, love seeks a best friend. If you're single and searching, let your pals play matchmaker. Air signs should accept invitations offered by close friends. Water signs; listen to your intuition before you swipe right. Earth signs follow your heart, and Fire signs lead the way. Remember that Mercury and Venus are retrograde, so we're dealing with delays and past issues until the end of the month.Are you preparing to make an important decision? Your Psychic Source Advisors genuinely care about you and your situation. Give us a call day or night for spiritual insights and compassionate wisdom.

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