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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of August 8, 2022

Almost everyone becomes more generous, open, and responsive when alluring Venus glides into fearless Leo this week. The mood shifts to something regal, seductive, and romantic. Venus in Leo is enthusiastic, dramatic, and wonderfully generous. August's Super Full Moon, the Sturgeon Moon, reminds us to flow with the universe. We need not conform to someone else's objectives or remain in situations that no longer correspond with our dreams. We can be true to ourselves!

We might feel like breaking the rules and pushing boundaries under Thursday's Super Full Moon. There will undoubtedly be some emotional surprises. The Sun in generous, regal Leo and the Moon in nonconformist Aquarius engage in an edgy T-square aspect with Aquarius's key planet revolutionary Uranus. Unpredictable Uranus throws caution to the wind. Anticipate sudden shifts as we're inspired to make surprising changes to facilitate a greater sense of liberation.

This planetary alignment activates the North and South Nodes of Destiny, forming a Grand Cross and making this Full Moon's events feel even more fated and vital. If you follow your heart, you can be more aligned with your destiny and purpose than you thought possible.

The Moon's phases symbolize immortality, enlightenment, and the shadow side of Nature. The period of the Full Moon reflects inner knowledge. And while Full Moons are famous for pushing emotions to overdrive and bringing pressures to a boiling point, the Full Moon also reveals insightful illuminations.

A lot is happening this week! The Love planet Venus moves into bold, abundant Leo, and the final Super Moon of the summer inspires our dreams and ideals. We'll enjoy new adventures, fun reunions, and sunny surprises under the last Super Moon of the Summer. How will the Full Moon influence your love life? Psychic Source expert advisors are here for you with insights and clarity. Phone, Chat, Video, and appointments!

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