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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of September 28, 2020

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

When you pause to consider source energy, you find that love is seeking you in its many forms. This week Saturn and Pluto station direct in Capricorn, the first of two October Full moons Rise, and Venus enters careful Virgo. Agents of change, all. Perhaps you've felt that an area of your life has been on hold. Indeed, we can release the confines of stuck energy and allow love to transform us.

Tuesday, September 29, Saturn Stations Direct in Capricorn. Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, is concerned with boundaries and karmic initiation; it represents authority, regret, and attachment to the past. Saturn retrograde began Aquarius May 11, where it will return December 17. As it moves forward, we're better able to embrace its lessons. However, the influence can be a challenging one; mired as we are in the complexities of our responsibilities, we tend to focus too much on things beyond our control.

Lasting relationships most often begin just after the Full Moon. Thursday, October 1, Full Moon in Aires illuminates emotions long held under wraps. We want to explore new horizons; however, with the Moon conjunct Retrograde Mars, we could rush into adventures without considering the consequences. What did you affirm during the most recent New Moon? Now is the time to harness the emotional energy and draft your plan. If you are single and looking for the very best time to meet someone new, the two weeks after the Full Moon is an excellent period for self-reflection and personal empowerment.

Pluto's tenure in Capricorn has been challenging, especially as it connected with Saturn and challenged Mars in Aires. After a five-month retrograde in conservative Capricorn, Pluto stations Direct. When we harness Pluto energy, what emerges is authentic and more easily integrated into our lives. Still, we are better able to trust our instincts, and because of the journey, we find new confidence in our relationships. Pluto can be a private mirror, allowing us to examine our shadows and make repairs.

Gentle Venus enters Virgo on October 2. Attractions are immediate and decisive. We may see some very sexy sparks fly, so look before you leap. Someone new is pushing your boundaries, it's good to wait, especially if you expect the magical connection to linger beyond the next week.

Periods of Retrograde offer a moment to slow down and retrace our steps. When a planet stations Direct, the areas touched by the retrograde phase tend to stabilize. Pause and focus your thoughts and check in with your Psychic Source advisors. Call, Chat, Video - by appointment when you need to connect!

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